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  1. k80mighthave

    k80mighthave New Member

    I have been trying to get the Evo to sync with Outlook 2007, have downloaded the HTC sync from both the HTC site and the device itself and have reset the computer each time the software is added/removed as well. It will get me to the point that the Sync screen on the phone reads connected, but when I press the 'Sync Now' button on the bottom, it runs the sync arrow for a second, then goes right back to just 'Connected'.

    Any ideas for a frustrated semi-techie? :confused:

  2. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums!

    I moved your thread so you could solve your issue. ;)

    FLEMTP Well-Known Member

    try clicking the "sync manager" button on the HTC Sync software on the computer. You might need to configure HTC sync to sync your outlook to your EVO the first time.
  4. roma tomato

    roma tomato New Member

    Hi. I am having a similar problem. I downloaded HTC Sync to my computer - I can open it, "Sunc Manage" and start a sync either from the phone or from the computer. But it perpetually fails - it just says "synch could not be started" (or something similar - several error messages, all amounting to the same thing.) Very disappointed.

    FLEMTP Well-Known Member

    try rebooting both the phone and the computer, wait til the computer boots up completely.. open the HTC sync software, and then plug in the USB cable into the phone and the computer, then make sure to select sync on the phone, and then give it a few. it took me doing exactly that above before it would work.. but it works good.. im using Windows Vista Home premium 32 bit version SP2 btw..
  6. messier

    messier Member

    I downloaded (an update) of an app from marketplace this morning (BatteryTime Lite)...not sure if its related, but all day today, my Exchange ActiveSync has not been updating new emails unless I open the Mail icon (prior to this morning, it would download new emails much more timely, within a moment or two from the email coming into my actual work Outlook inbox). I've checked and all of my Exchange ActiveSync settings are for "receive as they arrive" how can i get the actual activity back to "receive as they arrive"? The "refresh folder on open" option is unchecked...the schedule is set to "as they arrive"...but my work emails from exchange activesych all day today have all only come into my phone when i open the icon. Should I uninstall the app market updates?? Help! Thank you!!
  7. acastri

    acastri New Member

    HTC EVO was not recognizing Outllook. It finally worked after several steps, which I would like to share with you all for future reference, but I don't really know which made the difference:

    1. I removed Windows Live Mail (through Control Panel>Programs and Features), which I wasn't using and was being selected by HTC Sync automatically.
    2. I removed HTC Sync and Driver after deleting the Phone partnership.
    3. I turned off User Account Control (Control Panel>User Accounts).
    4. Rebooted the computer, which is running Win 7 Pro 64 Bits.
    5. Turned off AVG antivirus shield.
    6. Opened Outlook.
    7. Installed HTC Sync latest version 2.0.40 <right-click> Run As Administrator (just in case, even though User Account Control was turned off).
    8. Connected the HTC EVO, which was configured to start as Charge Only.
    9. Changed the HTC EVO to Sync to start the configuration MANUALLY.
    10. This time it recognized Outlook. I selected the folders manually as well, not the default, just in case.
    11. Started the Sync manually, which is working fine for few days!
    12. I enabled the antivirus shield and turned on the User Account Control.

    I hope these steps will save a lot time and headaches to other HTC EVO users.

    KJMILANO New Member

    OK Folks,

    Not sure if this is the right place for this post, needless to say I'm extremely frustrated, HTC has been no help so I thought I'd try here. I have an HTC EVO Design 4G, and I'm using HTCSync Ver 3.0.5617 (latest version) right out of the box the phone worked great with syncing my contacts calendar etc...with Outlook 2003, a week or so ago, that all came crashing down and now I can sync my contacts, if I turn off People sync from the main menu in HTCSync, and only turn on Gallery, Calendar and Document, then all sync fine. As soon as I turn on People, the sync begins, the progress bar a the top moves about 25% then sync stop, appear to disconnect, then it reconnects and begins the process all over again. If I don't turn off People Sync this continues to happen in an infinite loop and never sync's my contacts again.

    Any help or direction would be greatly appreciate, BTW, I've tried everything HTC recommended and nothing worked, de-install / re-installed HTCSync, export contacts etc... Also note I don't want to use Google contacts and calendar.

    Thanks in advance
  9. BigRo

    BigRo New Member

    I'm having a similar problem as KJMILANO. I haven't synced my phone in quite a while. I have had few problems in the past but I have been able to solve it by uninstalling the sync software from my laptop and reinstalling. It's irritatingut beats wasting time on customer support with Sprint. So, I encountered the problem again. The laptop recognizes the phone and the sync software starts up automatically as usual. My phone conects and asks me to start sync. I start the goes a for a bit and then disconnects the phone. After asecond or two it appears to reconnect and starts all over again. I have uninstalled the software, reinstalled, turned off the virus protection (Microsoft Essentials). I have the latest driver on both phone and laptop. AARRGGHH!! I need to get this done for professional reasons. Please help.
  10. Nickinance

    Nickinance New Member

    My Evo says it is syncing, and so does the HTC Sync on the computer. They are both lying because this calendar hasn't changed a thing.

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