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  1. g60madman

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    I am not about to tell you all jump ship from the Triumph. I just wanted to let you know I called Virgin Mobile for my Wife. She has been on the $25.00 a month plan from a very long time. The way VM is configured now, no matter what phone you move to now you loose that plan and you move to the $35.00 plan. I simply asked if there is some way that my Wife, who has been a long time valuable customer could get a promo code for a discounted HTC Evo V 4G or some kind of appreciation as a long standing customer.

    Right now the phone is $149.00 till 2/21/2013. Well VM stepped up and gave us an extra $50.00 applied to her monthly bill so basically the phone cost $100.00 plus the $11.00 for tax. May not be an super exciting eye catcher but it's better than nothing. You will need to be connected to the "Saves" department if you choose this route. Just wanted to pass this on to others. Good luck no matter that you do :D


  2. Is it on sale or some thing? Haha.. figures.. I finally flashed your CM-9 w/cam & there a legit way to grab the Evo for a hundo...:banghead:

    BTW..Thanks for all your endless hours of commitment to this phone g-60, MT is a whole-nother phone running this fast, smooth ROM. It scrolls/flings better than my ROM'd & overclocked N7.:D Thanks dude!
  3. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

    Yeah its on sale till 2/21/13. Your very welcome, it was my pleasure. Even though I am focused on the Evo, I still have my dev Triumph so I will continue to mess with it as time moves on. Recently I have been very busy with then new job so if you look at my github I have slowed down. I have yet to build a ROM this week which is a first for me in a very long time....any ways just rambling now :cool:
  4. redgjm

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    What you can also do is buy 2 $60 top ups from for $50 each, add that to your wife's account and pay with the account balance. By doing this, you avoid tax and get $20 towards you month.

    This is how I bought my Evo. Except I bought 3 $60 top ups and got $30 towards my month.
  5. Well, Ramble on ramblers...
    Busy with work is good..$$$ Hopefully you can use your experiences and knowledge gained from here and incorporate it into what you do for work and shine like a superstar like you have here!

    As far as MTDEV goes and you taking a break it's OK dude...! You deserve it. I can barley keep up a conversation on here never mind creating & supporting Roms along w/all the silly repetitive q&a's that go along w/it. I'm sure Mrs. G60 doesn't mind the break either. :p

    Good looking out bro!

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