HTC Evo V 4G stuck on 1xRTT

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  1. bobb1118

    bobb1118 New Member

    So for no reason that I can deduce, I can now not use 3G. In all the spots that I have used my phone for 3G before, it is always in 1x. Sometimes I can get it into 3G, but it turns back to 1x after a few seconds.

    For the past few days, updating the PRL once a day has fixed this issue, but now it doesn't anymore. Toggling data or airplane mode also doesn't do anything. I've also tried fiddling with the EVDO settings in ##DATA#, but those didn't seem to work so they were returned to default.

    I'm at a loss. Anyone that could have helpful information please reply. Earlier today I was able to stream YouTube for about 20 minutes before it returned to 1x, but I hadn't done anything different.

    My phone is rooted with the stock ROM. I'm also quite over (1.5 GB) Virgin's data limit and it resets tonight, so I'll be able to see if that's the problem. At this point I'm hoping it is. I've been over the limit many times before and I've never really noticed if they throttled me or not, so does anyone know if when you are actually throttled does it just force you into 1xRTT?

    EDIT: And I'm talking network so so slow I can barely use a messaging app, SpeedTest shows 5.6 kB/s down and 1.5 kB/s up; in the exact same spot I use to tether and play on a Minecraft server on just last week.

  2. Nate456

    Nate456 Well-Known Member

    Try ##clear# and click reset.
  3. bobb1118

    bobb1118 New Member

    What exactly will that do? I don't want to have to reactivate my phone, as it won't let me do the activtion over without calling them.
  4. tli

    tli Well-Known Member

    Connectivity issue seems to be an inherent problem with the EVO. Here's a brief summary:

    Sprint EVO 4G LTE Connectivity Issue

    Sorry not much help but maybe shed some light though... FYI.
  5. bobb1118

    bobb1118 New Member

    Evo V 4G is what Virgin named it, but I've never ever gotten a 4G signal. My problem was solely with getting 1x instead of 3G lol.

    And I get 3G in my dorm room still apparently, but not in my class where I always used to. Maybe my phones radio is degrading or something...
  6. tli

    tli Well-Known Member

    4G is not just a nomenclature...

    Virgin Mobile | HTC EVO V 4G No Contract Android-Powered Phone

    Maybe 4G hasn't been deployed in your service areas just yet but the phone is definitely intended for 4G usage. This is one of the reasons for the BT plan price increases...

    As indicated previously, it's not just your phone's radio but seems to be a connectivity issue and design problem inherent with all EVOs. The latest update that was pushed out OTA seems to have mixed results so far...

    HTC Evo V Nov. 14 radio update discussion


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