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  1. Gam3r 4 Life

    Gam3r 4 Life Well-Known Member

    After going through several tablets, returns, exchanges, etc. I have narrowed it down to the new Galaxy Tab plus 7.0 or the HTC Evo View 4g.

    My cell is a HTC Evo 3d, that I upgraded to from the HTC EVO 4g, and I love both. After going through so many tablets and always finding some flaw that bothered me enough to return it I am now at a point where I want my next one to be THE one.

    I love my EVO 3d and the reviews I have read about the EVO tablet say that it is basically a larger HTC phone which is exactly what Im looking for. A tablet that I can fit in a pocket. I have read and watched several reviews of both of them and am still undecided. I was leaning toward the EVO until Amazon lowered the price of the Galaxy to $349.99. And the EVO that I might get with one day shipping is about $325 so the price is no longer a big factor here.

    I will mainly be using it to play games, watch netflix, and use the internet. I wont be needing or buying the HTC stylus. So anyway Ill be buying one or the other within the next couple days and figured I could get some good solid advice and opinions from the great Amazon community. Thank in advance for your help and Happy New Year.

  2. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Well-Known Member

    well I have a EVO view 4g and love it and the only resone I got it was it was the first 7 inch screen with 4g this thing rocks. keep in mind that WiMax the 4g that the EVO uses is not as fast as LTE. But if you dont care about that I would say go with the EVO. But I always tell anybody that ask me what I think. Go hold one play with it in the store before you hand over any $$$$$. Samsung has a better display not sure about all the other specs have not had time to look it up. Thats my 2 1/2 cents
  3. Gam3r 4 Life

    Gam3r 4 Life Well-Known Member

    Well the 4g and LTE doesnt matter because Ill only be using the wifi.
  4. bsweetness

    bsweetness Well-Known Member

    Pretty much all the Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 has on the EVO View right now is the dual-core 1.2 ghz processor. The screens are pretty similar, and one could go either way with which is better, but I'd give the edge to the EVO due to the viewing angles. Beyond that, the EVO has the advantage in my opinion - 32gb of on-board memory vs 16gb (for the $349.99 version of the Galaxy), cellular connectivity (if you should decide that you want it in the future), and the functionality of the Scribe stylus (it's awesome if it's something you'll use). I personally find the Honeycomb version of Sense to be less intrusive than the Honeycomb version of Touch Whiz. As for the future, I'd say that it's a pretty safe bet that the Galaxy will officially receive ICS at some point. The EVO View just received Honeycomb a few weeks ago, so even though it's entirely capable of running ICS, there's no guarantee that it will ever officially get it. But development on the EVO View over at XDA has skyrocketed due to the recent sales and the official unlocking of the bootloader by HTC, so I'm sure there will be a lot to pick from in the future if it doesn't receive an official update.

    For me, the EVO View was definitely the better choice, especially since I was able to get it brand new for $235 shipped in one of the several online sales that ran in the weeks before Christmas. If another sale in that price range pops up, I'd definitely say the EVO View would be the way to go, no questions asked.

    But with the prices you mentioned, it becomes a much more difficult decision. At those price points, if increased storage, the option of cellular connectivity, and the Scribe functionality aren't of any importance for you, then I'd probably lean towards the Galaxy due to the hope of future upgrades.
  5. Gam3r 4 Life

    Gam3r 4 Life Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks a lot for the advice. All very good points. I will be making my decision tonight and buying either one or the other tomorrow. Im still leaning toward the evo. But I have a Samsung tv and all share is pretty cool with samsung devices.
  6. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Well-Known Member

    Good news you can do the same thing with an APP called isharemedia.
    I also like the Samsung all share I used it with my Samsung Epic phone and my Samsung TV but now I have the NGS4G and use an APP for that.
  7. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Well-Known Member

    More good news the EVO also has a built in APP called connected media and it works even better then the all share program. I just tested it on my Samsung plasma I was able to play a video I had recorded on my EVO View and I also tested it with a picture I had taken. I'm liking my EVO View more every day :)
  8. reiththestud

    reiththestud Well-Known Member

    Here's my two cents from someone who has a Tab 8.9, an Evo View 4g, and a friend who just bough a Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus a few days ago. The Tab definitely feels better in the hand compared to the EVO,at least as far as size and weight is concerned. It's definitely lighter, but that's also due to the cheaper materials used. The EVO View feels better from a materials standpoint on account of its aluminum build. So you'll have to decide the pluses and cons of each.

    As for performance, the EVO View has blown me away since the HC update. It is incredibly fast. HTC did a great job optimizing Sense for HC and it shows. It runs WAY faster than my Tegra 2 based Tab 8.9 and it seemed a bit faster than my friend's Tab 7.0 Plus. If the EVO View had launched with HC on day one like it should have, I think HTC would have sold millions by now.

    I usually don't care for user interface customizations, but if I had to choose between HTC's or Sammy's, I would pick HTC's because it seems so much faster.

    The above commenter is right that the EVO View starts out with 32gb of storage and can be expanded even more with an SD card. That alone is worth at least something.

    I would say go for the EVO View. It feels really durable, has great cameras, expandable storage, and it is really fast. Also, the usb port on the bottom is MHL compatible so you can get a generic MHL adapter from Amazon for $12 and hook it up to an HDTV. Netflix even works through the adapter.

    But on a side note, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, CES 2012 is less than 2 weeks away. There are going to be some major product announcements and odds are whatever you choose you will end up with buyer's remorse before this month is out. Especially since it was leaked that Asus will be launching a 7" Memo Pad tablet with all of the advantages of the EVO View but is lighter and thinner. So I would at least wait until after CES.

    Edit 1: Another thing that is important about Asus's upcoming Memo Pad, as well as all other 7" tablets likely to be announced next week, is that they will have a 1280x800 resolution. Not always a huge deal, but for my friend who bought this 7.0 Plus, it is. He's a photographer who bought a tablet so he could use Adobe's new photoshop apps. Unfortunately, they require a tablet with a 1280x800 resolution. While that might change in the future, right now it's a no-go for him.
  9. reiththestud

    reiththestud Well-Known Member

    I started using iMediaShare recently which works amazing and is DLNA compatible.
  10. egkor

    egkor Well-Known Member

    I bought 2 of the Evo View 4G tablets last December (2011) from the "" sale for $230/each (+$5 shipping). One for my wife, one for me.

    It initially shipped with Gingerbread. In late Dec., an official Honeycomb update was made available "OTA" (or in my case "OTWIFI").

    We use our tablets WIFI only. I was initially concerned that the Evo View would constantly nag about activating 4G data. But it really doesn't. I just shut off 4G and don't even think about it anymore.

    I have the special HTC/Sprint stylus for both the tabs (at extra cost). But that's part of the value of the Evo View, although I personally have not used the stylus much yet.

    We have been happy with the Evo View(s) so far in terms of price, performance, and quality.

    -Gary K
  11. ghodzilla5150

    ghodzilla5150 Well-Known Member

    I totally agree with this statement. I have the HTC EVO View and use WiFi on it (NO Data Contract for me as I have Unlimited Mobile Hotspot and my area is Saturated with 4G). The Stylus makes the HTC EVO View worth it's weight in Gold to me. I am in IT and use the Note taking abilities ALOT. I am the IT Manager between 3 Plants and need my Notes for my Plants. AT 44, you start to get Short Term Memory issues and I can jot down Notes as need be. Plus I have ALL my Passwords on my HTC View in Notes. Netflix is Awesome and my Kids LOVE playing with the Stylus and changing colors. Plus I got it for $220. Big difference in Price and can do MORE.

    Also, Honeycomb makes the HTC View Very Fast and has made the Stylus ALOT better.
  12. Maine Coon

    Maine Coon Well-Known Member

    Try to go to the Ford dealership and ask about GM car.
    Or vice versa.
    This forum is not a dealership, we won't make any money, but overall here are die-hard View fans.
    I have not seen Samsung Galaxy, but i just LOVE my View.
    I am sure that something faster, cheaper and better is just around the corner though :D

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