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HTC EVO Wall Charger NoiseSupport

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  1. utee05

    utee05 Active Member

    Hey All,
    I have noticed that while charging my EVO using the stock wall charger and any micro usb cable that there is a loud whining noise. It is pretty loud and can even hear it while watching TV. I have read that the Droid Incredible charger has the same issue as well and have tried to switch the prong orientatoin and still no luck. I have used my other HTC charger that I have from my old Touch Diamond and don't hear any type of noise. I have read that it is the capacitors in the charger making the noise. I have tested and the charger still makes the noise after the green LED light has come on. Anyone else have this issue?

  2. highwayman1224

    highwayman1224 Well-Known Member

    Mine doesn't make any charging noises. I've used the wall charger, usb, and car charger & they're all quiet.
  3. It might make a noise loud enough if you put your ear to it you can hear. If you can hear the noise further away from it, then there is something wrong with it. Take it back to avoid any electrical problems with the phone or your house electrical system.
  4. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I second this. Might wanna get a new charger.
  5. dvrcowboy

    dvrcowboy Active Member

    It's gonna blow!!!!!! Get out of there!!!!!!!! ( Voice of Ah-nold )
  6. tardmobile

    tardmobile Well-Known Member

    "get to the sprint store" is hard to type out to sound like "get to ze choppah" but, seriously, go get a new charger if it's buzzing audibly. These things are dead silent. The little transformer in your charger is faulty.
  7. zhens

    zhens Member

    I noticed it last night...a loud high pitch whine? Maybe these other folks are too old and can't hear it ;)
  8. stevieo526

    stevieo526 Active Member

    I sleep with mine less than 4 feet from my head and I can't hear anything. I wonder what your house electrical system is rated at and if it complies with the input voltage and amperage on the charger.
  9. utee05

    utee05 Active Member

    Doubt it has anything to do with my electrical system as I don't have any other issues with wall chargers. I can hear this noise and other owners of the Droid Incredible hear this noise as well. I'm going to take the charger in to get a replacement. The noise isn't loud and doesn't drown out other noises, but I can hear it. It is an annoying whining noise that you just can't ignore.
  10. utee05

    utee05 Active Member

    Yup it is a loud pitch whine. I originally thought it was coming from my TV but then realized it was the charger when I started to get close to it.
  11. hellow0rld

    hellow0rld Well-Known Member

    mine makes a high pitch noise also when i charge my evo but goes away after 5 sec..just like how an old analog tv sounds when u first turn it on.
  12. shawheim_a

    shawheim_a Well-Known Member

    Mine also makes noise. I thought I was the only one. I notice it a lot but mostly when my girlfriend is charging her eris. I can hear it clear as day. I was actually gonna make a post inquiring about this.
  13. zpilot

    zpilot Well-Known Member

    Do we all have faulty chargers? I hear the buzz too :(
  14. Ravensthief

    Ravensthief Active Member

    I noticed this yesterday, and am guessing it's because the charger is a transformer, and is stepping down the voltage to 8V for the USB cable. Mine was a faint hissing noise that I could only hear if I had my ear within 6" of the thing. Not a big deal for me.
  15. angelodimorte

    angelodimorte Member

    lith battery charging, mine does it too, I would not worry about. anytime you put a charger to any battery, you will hear some sound. I would bet if everyone puts there ear to the phone itself, they will hear a high pitch sound during charging, regardless of the charger. i have tried using different chargers and the battery still makes the high pitch. my battery lasts 16 hours or more, i fall asleep before i need to charge it again.
  16. highwayman1224

    highwayman1224 Well-Known Member

    I'm charging mine right now & put it up to my ear & its not making any noise.
  17. Yankees368

    Yankees368 Well-Known Member

    so THATS what that was. i've been hearing something too, and it totally the charger!
  18. tardmobile

    tardmobile Well-Known Member


    if it's not audible from a ways away I wouldn't worry about it. If you hear a buzz and you're in the next room, though, definitely replace that thing before it fries your phone.
  19. MiDri

    MiDri Active Member

    The noise is coming from the AC-> DC rectifier, they do that -- some are louder then others depending on build quality of device they're in. Nothing to be concerned and the reason that some people don't hear it is it's about 15k hertz(same sort of sound old CRT TV/monitors make)
  20. tardmobile

    tardmobile Well-Known Member

    No one's arguing that a transformer is going to be absolutely silent. I'm just saying if the PSU in your tower were making a buzzing noise you could hear without trying for it, and wasn't the fan, you wouldn't be sitting there like "yeah that's fine I'm ok with this."
  21. MiDri

    MiDri Active Member

    Only thing I can think of is to replace the charger, There's no safe way to dampen the noise from the outside (wrapping it in stuff is a fire hazard, due to heat generated by the rectifier.)
  22. zhens

    zhens Member

    That's what I was getting at....younger ears are more prone to hear the 15 kHz while some older than me (I'm 24) probably can't hear it. Check it out here to test what the 15 kHz sounds like - Can you hear THIS? Musicians high frequency hearing test | NoiseAddicts music and audio blog

    Personally, I think mine is closer to the 16 kHz sound....regardless, it is there, but doesn't bother me.
  23. utee05

    utee05 Active Member

    I will try and take my charger into Sprint to see if they can replicate the noise and then possibly replace the charger. I will keep everyone posted with what happens.
  24. ladxhappy

    ladxhappy New Member

    I noticed my Evo making that annoying sound last night. I saw people mention the charger. I unplugged my charger from my power cord and plugged it into the wall. Made the sound only for a few seconds then stopped. Try that.

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