HTC expands bootloader unlocking to Desire: Official

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  1. williamj1

    williamj1 Well-Known Member

    It would appear today, HTC has expanded their bootloader unlock tool to many new handsets and surprisingly, our original Desire.

    Personally not entirely sure what this means for me, since I'm already rooted but perhaps someone could explain ... ?

    Anyway, more @ Welcome to HTCdev

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  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Hopefully iy means you no longer need revolutionary to S-off your device if you're 2.3

    Assuming this unlocking bring with it fastboot commands.
  3. williamj1

    williamj1 Well-Known Member

    Wait so in doing this, am I now able to "officially" S-Off and do your boot things so I get more proper memory and don't need A2SD rubbish anymore haha? Also, then get rid of my frustrating 02 bootloader? :p
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    It says on the unlocker section of htcdev "to allow custom firmware". I dare say doing anything with custom firmware will still be classed as warranty-void, so although its official, it has no benefit to those already s-off...

    As tho how this actually works, I dunno.
  5. williamj1

    williamj1 Well-Known Member

    I follow what you are saying ... but I am not yet S-Off'd ... I'm wanting to do it so I can get more proper memory and use things like your ROM which don't need A2SD...

    So effectively what I am asking is whether this will benefit me, or if I should just use the traditional methods to do so as we have used in the past before this?
  6. Pinmac1

    Pinmac1 Well-Known Member

    Please could somebody explain in simple terms what unlocking your bootloader actually means? I had a look at he link but they assume some prior technical knowledge. I have an unrooted Desire but I am sick and tired of the constant struggle against low memory (currently 24MB but 30 updates pending!) so I think I'm going to have to consider rooting. Does this latest development have any effect on this?
  7. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    it assumes prior knowledge as you need to have a reason to unlock it.
    theres no point unlocking it for no reason at all right?
    read our root guides and faq's and youll get an understanding of what this all means
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  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Well if you're wanting to go the custom hboot route, its worth trying it. You could unlock your bootloader then see if you can fastboot flash a custom hboot. I just dont know if they process of unlocking it gives it fastboot facilities. I would assume it must do as its pretty useless otherwise.

    All I can suggest, is try it.
  9. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member


    1st there is this

    then there is this
    note there is no RUU listed with 3.x.x.x so thats bad news for people on desire 2.3 dev build however this does provide us with latest RUU's for all desire devices

    Code (Text):
    1. US Cellular 2.11.573.10 PB9940000   Download
    2. CS  2.12.563.3  PB9940000   Download
    3. COX 2.12.590.11 PB9940000   Download
    4. Alltel  2.12.671.3  PB9940000   Download
    5. UTStarcom   2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    6. Cellular South  2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    7. Appalachian Wireless    2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    8. Cellcom 2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    9. Northwest Missouri Cellular 2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    10. Bluegrass   2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    11. Carolina West Wireless  2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    12. GCI 2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    13. Silver Star Wireless    2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    14. Thumb Cellular  2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    15. Illinois Valley Cellular    2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    16. Nex-Tech Wireless   2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    17. Inland Cellular 2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    18. ETEX WIreless   2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    19. Cox Communications Inc. 2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    20. Mobi PCS    2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    21. Cellular One of NEPA    2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    22. NTELOS  2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    23. James Valley Wireless   2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    24. SRT Communications  2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    25. Panhandle Telephone - (PTCI)    2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    26. Nemont Telephone    2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    27. MTA 2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    28. Copper Valley Wireless  2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    29. United Wireless 2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    30. Syringa Wireless    2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    31. Golden State Cellular   2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    32. Mid-Rivers  2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    33. Chat Mobility 1 / 2 2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    34. LEACO   2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    35. ACS 2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    36. South Central Communications    2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    37. Pioneer Cellular    2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    38. Open Mobile 2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    39. Revol   2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    40. RCC/Rural Cellular Corperation/Unicel   2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    41. Commnet/Choice Wireless 2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    42. Strata Networks 2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    43. Mohave Wireless 2.13.557.3  PB9940000   Download
    44. Orange ES   PB9920000   Download
    45. TELUS   2.25.661.5  PB9922000   Download
    46. HTCCN CHS   2.26.1400.4 PB9920000   Download
    47. TMO UK  PB9920000   Download
    48. TMO AT  PB9920000   Download
    49. TMO PL  PB9920000   Download
    50. Fastweb IT  2.29.1600.2 PB9920000   Download
    51. O2 DE  PB9920000   Download
    52. Virgin Mobile   2.29.351.2  PB9920000   Download
    53. HTC EU  2.29.405.14 PB9920000   Download
    54. Orange UK   PB9920000   Download
    55. Orange PL   PB9920000   Download
    56. hTC Asia WWE    2.29.707.3  PB9920000   Download
    57. Orange CH FRA   PB9920000   Download
    58. hTC Asia India  2.29.720.3  PB9920000   Download
    59. Orange FR   PB9920000   Download
    60. hTC Asia TW 2.29.751.4  PB9920000   Download
    61. SoftBank JP 2.29.762.2  PB9920000   Download
    62. H3G UK  2.29.771.3  PB9920000   Download
    63. hTC Asia HK 2.29.832.3  PB9920000   Download
    64. Telstra WWE 2.29.841.2  PB9921000   Download
    65. SKT KR  2.29.911.2  PB9920000   Download
    66. Brightstar Personal Argentina SPA   2.30.545.8  PB9922000   Download
    67. Vodafone TR  PB9920000   Download
    68. HTC Arabic  2.32.415.4  PB9920000   Download
    69. Vodafone UK  PB9920000   Download
    70. Vodafone FRA  PB9920000   Download
    71. Brightstar SPA  2.34.515.2  PB9922000   Download
    72. Brightstar Movistar Peru    2.34.546.3  PB9922000   Download
    73. Brightstar Tigo Guatemala   2.34.547.4  PB9922000   Download
    74. HTCCN CHS CU    2.35.1402.6 PB9920000   Download
    75. Yoigo ES    2.35.1510.7 PB9920000   Download
    76. Brightstar Digitel Venezuela SPA    2.35.524.2  PB9920000   Download
  10. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    I dont know is the short answer.

    1) On android 2.2, we use unrevoked which roots, leaving you s-on. You can flash custom roms as the rooting process also gives you a custom recovery. You can then choose to s-off with alpharev if you need it.

    2) On 2.3, You HAVE to use revolutionary to s-off, which will then allow you to flash custom recovery which in turn, allows you to flash a rooting zip or custom ROM. The complete opposite of what we had done previously. This can also be done on 2.2 with SOME hboots.

    Revolutionary is a combination of unrevoked and alpharev. This potentially replaces alpharev in 1) and revolutionary in 2) but it will still leave the requirement to get recovery, root/rom.

    Edit, having read Rastaman's post, it only helps people on 2.2 or who rooted on 2.2 by the looks of it. So it will work as a s-off solution for 2.2 (unrooted) provided they have the most up to date pre-2.3 hboot.
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  11. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    nope im wrong its some other RUU stuff. odd

    EDIT: im wrong as in those are not full ruu;s
  12. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    if 2.3 people can run this command while booted to fastboot it should work
    fastboot oem get_identifier_token

    also note that the hboot it gets upgraded too is 1.04

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