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htc explorer cant do tethering via usb..help meSupport

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  1. raaf007

    raaf007 New Member

    i connected my device to my pc....it works fine for htc sync , internet pass-through and data storage mode but when i choose usb tethering option my device is not working on pc....its showing driver not found when i try to reinstall the required driver...all the drivers install except the 1 named android phone is showing driver not found....i tried evrything ....but its not working out ...where can i get the drivers....help me guys......plzzzzzz

  2. szil

    szil Member

    how'd u get the internet pass through workin?, sorry new to htc, when i try to connect with pass through option it shows a local area connection for lil while n then disconnects...n if i try to access net on my cell then, it simply dsn work
  3. szil

    szil Member

    try searchin for 'HTCDriver', n install the driver from the device manager update driver, works for me...
  4. prat007

    prat007 New Member

    The same problem is coming for my HTC explorer when I connect mobile to pc & choosing the options usb tethering, it work as LAN. I can not open any web page its seems that its not working as modem for internet can not do any internet surfing. Also driver it is showing that driver is successfully installed when I connect my HTC mobile. Please help solve the issue. I want to surf internet using my HTC as modem.

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