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HTC Explorer - Internal Memory Low - MessageCS, PhoneStorageSupport

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  1. khandhedia

    khandhedia New Member


    I have got HTC Explorer in October, 2011.
    Since then I am facing an issue with Internal Memory Storage Low.

    I am used to uninstall all the unused applications, use to clear the cache, etc such that there can be free at least 10-15 MB memory to allow the existing applications to function properly.

    One application MessageCS is taking quite more space in the memory and I am not able to delete it. Same way Phone Storage is the similar one taking lottt many space but I am not able to clear it. And both keeps on growing like anything.

    It's worth noting that I dont have more than 50 messages in my mobile! not more than 20 mails, no mms!

    Can there be any means by which I can clear the data/junk/logs/temp etc for this two applicaitons?

    Please dont suggest me to reset the phone, I already know it, which so easily makes me engaged for few more days in installing the applications once again and stuff like that..

    Please suggest some appliations or some way to get these cleared..

    Can I anyhow increase internal memory space of my phone?

    Thanks and Regards,

    Nirav Khandhedia

  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

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  3. sihala12

    sihala12 New Member

    How can we delete the messagecs app in a HTC explorer? Can it be moved to a sd card?
  4. kamal_2

    kamal_2 New Member

    My Contacts Storage is 40.30MB. Is there a way that I can move it all to my SD and use it from there?
  5. kiat1073

    kiat1073 New Member

    it does not work. i have done tat u suggested. but it also cnt be move. any solution else? ><
  6. johnsunder

    johnsunder New Member

    I have the same problem with my explorer. Here is what I tried and this worked fine for a long time.

    1. Install the app "Link2SD" after rooting the phone.
    2. Move the big apps like Maps, Facebook etc to the SD card.
    3. Also you can delete those unwanted stock apps without any fuss.

    Now I have only 5 apps on the internal memory, one of which is Gmail which I could not move. I keep getting some error. And all new apps that I download were automatically getting installed in the SD card.

    The above worked smoothly for a few months, then again the space problem has started. Gmail does not sync when the internal space is low. I tried deleting all data in gmail and now when I open Gmail I get the message 'waiting for sync', ' Your email will appear shortly'. But nothing happens. Can someone help please ?
  7. johnsunder

    johnsunder New Member

    I seem to have solved the problem. Gmail does not sync since there is less than 10MB on the internal memory. SO I just went and cleared the application data of some of my downloaded apps, for e.g, app "nexGtv" was occupying 14MB with data. I just cleared the data and got 13.5MB free space. The same could be done of all downloaded apps except of course Maps. Now I have 24Mb free.

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