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htc explorer is it worth buying itGeneral

  1. Annamalai

    Annamalai Member

    Hello Guys,
    i had galaxy y and now i gave it to my sister.I am buying a new mobile phone,should i again go with galaxy y or htc explorer.I know that htc explorer has better build quality than galaxy y but galaxy y has good processor.Will HTC Explorer get an ics update or port.

  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member Developer

    I always prefer HTC quality over Samsung. Sadly the Explorer won't be getting ICS unless a mod ports it.
  3. Batman4ever

    Batman4ever New Member

    Explorer is better than galaxy Y... in every way however it is around 1k[INR] costlier than galaxy y but what it offers is amazing ...it has inbuilt flash support no need to download flash browsers..it has bluetooth 3.0 ...its voice input system is amazing...display is way better than galaxy y ..and lots of others features..go for explorer how ever in the same range you can also buy karbon A9 which offers better features than galaxy and explorer ..but i would go with explorer i trust brand more..and karbon has yet to prove itself..
  4. Mr_MTB

    Mr_MTB Member

    Explorer is worthy go for it trust me
  5. Mr_MTB

    Mr_MTB Member

    I have used both galaxy y and explorer but explorer is the king

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