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  1. Annamalai

    Annamalai Member

    Hello Guys,
    i had galaxy y and now i gave it to my sister.I am buying a new mobile phone,should i again go with galaxy y or htc explorer.I know that htc explorer has better build quality than galaxy y but galaxy y has good processor.Will HTC Explorer get an ics update or port.

  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    I always prefer HTC quality over Samsung. Sadly the Explorer won't be getting ICS unless a mod ports it.
  3. Batman4ever

    Batman4ever New Member

    Explorer is better than galaxy Y... in every way however it is around 1k[INR] costlier than galaxy y but what it offers is amazing has inbuilt flash support no need to download flash has bluetooth 3.0 ...its voice input system is amazing...display is way better than galaxy y ..and lots of others features..go for explorer how ever in the same range you can also buy karbon A9 which offers better features than galaxy and explorer ..but i would go with explorer i trust brand more..and karbon has yet to prove itself..
  4. Mr_MTB

    Mr_MTB Member

    Explorer is worthy go for it trust me
  5. Mr_MTB

    Mr_MTB Member

    I have used both galaxy y and explorer but explorer is the king

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