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HTC EXPLORER ( Menu Lights )Support

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  1. erum

    erum Member

    Hello To Everyone,
    Well I have read some posts smiler to my post. I cant found the best way to get rid out of this problem. Why Menu lights are disable i have checked all the settings but unable to find the solution. I want Menu lights always on please help me. I have HTC EXPLORER

  2. htcexplorer

    htcexplorer Member

    Which lights are you talking about erum ??
    The ones which glow on 4 touch buttons below the screen ??
  3. erum

    erum Member

    yes dear i am annoying :( it is irritating. i cant operate my HTC in dark help me out of it.
  4. erum

    erum Member

    Aham Aham Hellllloooooooooooo Anybody here Alive.................... Hello I am waiting For My Answer i am numb for having NONE REply oppppppsssss OMG... This Forum have 5 PR what new member's will think like me :( Hello get uppppp i am waiting for feedback
  5. htcexplorer

    htcexplorer Member

    I don't think that there is an option to set the touch button lights to always ON..as on my HTC they turn on/off with the intensity of light on the ambient light sensor..whenever I cover the sensor with my finger, they light up and when there's a lot of light incident on the sensor, they just turn off..which fulfills the purpose of being an ambient light sensor..try this for your phone (while it is unlocked, also set screen brightness to "Adjust automatically" and screen timeout to "Never Turn Off")..this way you'd be able to find out whether its a faulty ambient light sensor or touch button lights..if the screen brightness changes while you do the above thing then your sensor is working fine but touch button lights might be faulty..in the other case, if screen brightness seems to be constant then you might be having a faulty sensor also..

    Please note that the screen brightness will change after about 5 seconds of covering the sensor..and it should appear dim..and when you'll keep it in front of a light source then you'll notice that the screen appears too bright..if it happens as I've written then you definitely have faulty touch button lights..

    Hope it helps..:)
  6. erum

    erum Member

    Thanks for explain in such details let me tell you one thing my htc brightness is set to Adjust automatically. And i am not getting kindly elaborate which sensor light are you talking to cover with fingers? and i am agree that lights are turn on/off with the intensity of light on the ambient and there is no option to turn them on/off :( in short simply tell me the procedure to turn on with finger ( Sensor light which you have maintain in your post thanks)
  7. htcexplorer

    htcexplorer Member

    Its right there, where its written htc (above the screen)..if you are still unable to find it..keep it under a light source (lamp, bulb, etc) screen facing up and look to the right of htc (written in white, above the screen) logo..there you will see two small holes..actually those are the hollow cut-outs for ambient light sensor and proximity sensor..you are supposed to cover these small holes with your finger..

    If you are still not getting it..then there's another way also..unlock your phone, set screen timeout to "Never turn off"..draw all curtains of your room..turn off the lights..the idea is to make it kinda dark room..and observe the screen brightness..it should dim gradually..now turn on the lights and see if again screen brightness increases or not..
    If the screen brightness does not change at all then you should take it to HTC's service center..and if screen brightness changes but still the touch button lights do not light up while it was dark, then you might be having faulty touch button lights..in that case also you'll have to pay a visit to HTC service center..

    Hope it helps..
  8. erum

    erum Member

    There you are thanks yes i can see the two small box it works me as for now thanks for kind help

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