HTC G1/Dream

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  1. glompos21

    glompos21 New Member

    Seeking a G1 in good condition.

    Will pay $ depending upon condition

    Will pay shipping...
    I live in Greece.

    Preferred unlock

  2. treeop

    treeop New Member

    Im selling a Rooted g1 in good condition on ebay. there is a minor scuff on the case and i removed the plastic bit infront of the camera lens because it blurred the camera but its in great working order and its much loved
    im selling because i upgraded to a Pulse.

    T-Mobile G1 Rooted on eBay (end time 11-Jun-10 22:39:14 BST)

    I will be willing to take the listing off of ebay and sell through paypal if you were interested?

    im looking for 100 - 120 GBP (145 euros) but i will be willing to negotiate
    Comes with charger usb headphones, original box and 2gb sd


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