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HTC have announced Ice Cream Sandwich for the Desire SGeneral

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  1. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

  2. FoX777

    FoX777 Well-Known Member

    I don't mind to much when it's released... I'm looking forward to the official kernel though.

    I'm also rather shocked they doing it.
  3. jsmithy1

    jsmithy1 Active Member

    Cool :)
  4. jamiethemac

    jamiethemac Well-Known Member

    well that's good news, it was rumored our phone isn't powerful enough so we would have to go without :)
  5. Nahid

    Nahid Well-Known Member

  6. prawn_guevara

    prawn_guevara Well-Known Member

  7. njd

    njd New Member

    This is great news, but I really hope they can address the problem with launcher restarts that appeared in Sense 3.0.

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