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  1. Mr User

    Mr User Well-Known Member

    This guy can sell me his HTC HD2, only problem is he flashed android and the screen stopped working. Idk yet if this is a screen physical problem or just plain ROM problem. Can someone who knows about this phone answer? I've absolutely no experience with Windows Mo but flashed quite a few ROM's on Android, so I believe this is only a ROM problem and he probably took a wrong ROM. The phone still powers on, loads Android, just doesnt work with screen. So either that, or he messed up the digitizer, and flashed a new ROM to cover it up for selling. But breaking the digitizer with no scratch on the screen is unlikely, so I'm left with the idea him flashing bad ROM, which I could fix myself (flashing on HTC HD2, I heard, is the same like on other Androids right?) or maybe by a pro for $50-70, a price which I'm willing to take.
    SO basically: is their any known/common physical screen issue with the HTC HD2 that needs repair over $100 bucks? If not then what do I do to fix the issue of non-responding screen?

  2. Mr User

    Mr User Well-Known Member

    K in short:
    HTC HD2 with Android.
    ->Screen does not work
    ->Someone show me how to flash it back to Windows Mobile, then to Android (or watever is right)
    Thanks a whole lot
  3. gamblor01

    gamblor01 Well-Known Member

    For info on how to flash it back to Windows Mobile look at a post I made here:

    No idea what the problem is but flashing it back to WM6.5 is super easy. Could also be a broken digitizer if it was dropped or something.

    Flashing Android is also quite simple. Most ROMs are just a .exe file -- you just connect a USB cable, press and hold the power button while booting until it loads up MAGLDR. Then you select (I think) option 4 (USB flashing mode) and run the exe.
  4. Mr User

    Mr User Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to break the phone's digitizer with software? like bad flashing, wrong codes, ROMs, etc, like flash it wrong but didnt brick but screen wont work either?

    BAD news for me: The phone is back in Windows mobile, but the screen still isnt working. No drops, no water, so not broken by those ways.
    How much for a screen replace? Anyone know?
  5. gamblor01

    gamblor01 Well-Known Member

    Bummer. I don't think anything in the digitizer is controlled by software so it sounds like it's broken. I found some for my Evo for about $15-$20 US on amazon. Local shops wanted anywhere from $75 to $100 to replace one. I can only assume the HD2 will be about the same price range.

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