HTC HD2 Not able to do factory reset/Hard reset and unable to delete previous Google user info.Support

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  1. Diego2k5

    Diego2k5 New Member

    I bought a used HTC HD2 running NAND Android and it has the previous persons Google account info which i dont have the password for it. I did a factory reset to erase all personal data and it did nothing. I did the factory reset and nothing as well. I go to erase it under Accounts and Sync it tells me I need to do it using the factory reset. Going in circles here can anyone help me?

  2. Diego2k5

    Diego2k5 New Member

    When i do either reset it doesn't take more than a second to say done.
  3. gamblor01

    gamblor01 Well-Known Member

    Yeah once the google account info is in there, it's stuck unless you completely reinstall. It's fine if it's your phone but once it is sold then it's a bit of a pain.

    Do you know what ROM it is running? I walked someone through reinstalling in this thread, but that was using the prj Clean Desire ROM (which is a sense based ROM):

    I'm not sure if you are running Cyanogen, or something else, or even how tied you are to your ROM. But if you want to install the prj ROM then you can follow my instructions in this thread. Anything else and the installation steps might vary a bit, but flashing a new ROM is surprisingly easy.

    Post back if you have any specific questions about flashing.
  4. SamStone333

    SamStone333 New Member

    You can reset it with Clockwork Recovery, I had the same problem with my phone.
  5. gamblor01

    gamblor01 Well-Known Member

    Good idea -- you could just wipe data from recovery and that would do the trick too. That of course assumes that they flashed recovery but if so, that should certainly work. I had issues where I couldn't flash recovery on a friend's HD2 (as soon as I did his Android ROM would no longer boot) so I ultimately gave up.

    But if recovery is there then this is definitely the easiest and best way to reset everything. Great point!
  6. roughneck224

    roughneck224 New Member

    I am having the same problem. I have a hd2 with android 2.3v. Cannot remove the old google account to remove contacts. Have tried master reset and that does not work. New to all of this. So i'm not sure what i need to do. Thx.
  7. gamblor01

    gamblor01 Well-Known Member

    I can tell you how below. Note that prior to doing any of this you probably want to backup your contacts, text messages, apps, etc.

    Power off the phone and then press and hold the power button. At some point it should load up a black screen with white text. This is MAGLDR. There should be an option to launch into recovery. Navigate through the menu using volume up/down and press power button to select. If recovery was installed on your phone then this should launch "ClockworkMod Recovery" where you can navigate in the same manner (volume up/down) and select the option to wipe data (and confirm). Then wipe cache (and confirm). Finally, select Advanced and wipe the Dalvik cache (and confirm). Now reboot and it should be like the phone was never used before.

    If recovery was never installed then you'll have to flash over a new ROM. It's really easy to do this -- once you have downloaded a ROM just boot into MAGLDR, select the flash ROM option, and then run the update program on your computer which will install the ROM for you. You can see more detailed instructions in the link that I posted above (in post #3).
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  8. Diego2k5

    Diego2k5 New Member

    I have figured it out. We tried to install 2.3 and we noticed that Clockwork was not installed. My USB port is not working so i am unable to install it. I powered it on and got to the boot menu. from here we were able to run AD HardReset which resets the ROM. It worked for me and hopefully it helps anyone else with this problem.

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