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HTC HD2 running Android 2.2General

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  1. DVNO

    DVNO Well-Known Member

    Ok so I have been interested in getting an HD2 and hacking it to run android. Has anyone here tried this yet? Ive seen a bunch of videos of it but most are saying that it is still pretty buggy. Just wondering if anyone has had any experiece with this.

    I also wanted to know if the market and all apps will be able to run on it? Basically i want to be able to run adw (best launcher available imo).


  2. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member

    I've been following the progress for a few months and decided to take the full leap and load the HSPL and get a new radio going. After I threw on dan1j3l's version, it ran decent but there were a few quirks that would have kept me from leaving the house with that as my working phone.

    Then I decided to play with Blackstone's Froyo build. The only issue I am having is the sound is high pitched, which I am told can be fixed by flashing a specific custom Windows ROM. Other than that, it's AMAZING. I'm running it on the class 2 16GB card that came with the HD2 and it is super smooth for the most part. I'll be investing in a class 6 today to really take it to the next level.

    Bottom line, if you are comfortable with a little leg work in terms of getting the HSPL and a proper radio installed...DO IT.
  3. shawnpeck

    shawnpeck Well-Known Member

    I have not done a thing with HSPL and the radio (and I wouldn't know how) so you probably don't have to worry about that. I use it all day every day. I would suggest using either version of Froyostone. I believe it's important to have a class 6 micro sd card. I have not been able to use GPS so that's my issue.

    You can install and run any Market app just fine. Go to town man. Use ADW or Launcher pro. If any app does not install, just dismount the SD card, install the app, and mount the card again.

    EDIT: I am really glad to have this topic here. I need help sometimes. Is there a version that anyone thinks is more stable than Froyostone? Also, another issue that must be something with me: Flash used to work fine and now it doesn't. What would cause that? I used to pull up ESPN and watch vids and now they just don't play.

    Sorry for all the edits. I just realized you said you might get an HD2. If you don't have one already, I say don't get one! It's much easier to get a native Android device. Go with the Vibrant or wait for the next best thing (dang, the G2 looks awesome and the 800 mhz processor will beat the HD2 because Android is native and it's plain vanilla). To those who already have the HD2, put Android on it by all means!
  4. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member

    I use Shubcraft. It's based on Cyanogen's 2.2, she's vanilla as well. Total socks rocker. GPS works as well, takes a little longer than usual to lock on, but meh. And don't discourage the man because Android isn't native. That just adds to the fun! What better way to enjoy what Android is really all about than by sticking it to the man and putting Android on a WM phone.

    Digressing. Switch over to Shubcraft, just because it's based on Cyanogen and it's vanilla.

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  5. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member


    Stupid double post.
  6. shawnpeck

    shawnpeck Well-Known Member

    Hey, if the guy like hacking, then he should go for it. It's a headache to me, though. Do we really get full use of the CPU and RAM using these hacks on this phone?

    Maybe I'll try that shubcraft. What does that 1GB rootfs do and why isn't it part of the main download? What do I do with that file if I want to use it?

    I was actually sporting [Build]Android 2.2 Build FRG33 [ mccm v1.5]and new build[mccm SE 1.0](16.9.2010)todayand was missing the Sence features like the keyboard, email client, and browser (even though I don't use the Sense launcher). What do you think the best build is with Sense?

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