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  1. warrenmiller

    warrenmiller Member


    I got my HTC hero on Orange last week and it's great - everything worked great, but after a day the headphone jack stopped working: when I plug in the headphones they aren't recognised by the device, eg : music will carry on playing on the speaker instead of playing in headphones.
    Happens with other headphones too not just the supplied ones.

    I've reset the device with factory settings but no joy.

    Was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem?

    Orange have agreed to exchange the device but only when they have new devices in stock later on in the week.

    was wondering if a firmware re-install might fix it but not sure how to do it and if would be a waste of time if it's a hardware issue.

    thanks for your help!

  2. Mansn

    Mansn Well-Known Member

    That sounds like a hardware issue and something that you can do nothing about via firmware ...
  3. DrJones

    DrJones New Member

    I have exactly the same problem, got my Hero yesterday and haven't been able to get the headphone jack to work at all. Everything just keeps coming out of the speakers regardless of what I plug in there! I'm going to have to go and have a word with Orange, methinks...
  4. mattjones

    mattjones Member

    I have the same issue on T-Mobile...tried stock and sennheiser headphones and still music comes out of the speaker
  5. Boobster

    Boobster New Member

    Got mine yesterday and have not had time to check the headphone jack yet. Still in the cooling off period. If it's no good i.e not fit for purpose, it'll be going back
  6. mattjones

    mattjones Member

    Think this is a headphone problem as I went into t-mob shop and plugged another pair in and it worked fine. Went home and tried the headphones I got with the Hero and everything works now...weird
  7. jdandcoke

    jdandcoke New Member

    had same problem on a uk unlocked hero. turned it off then on again with the original headphones plugged in and it works fine now. hope this helps
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  8. kccl

    kccl New Member

    can anyone confirm whether this is a hardware of software issue or of there is a fix? i have this problem on my handset and i have tried rebooting and doing a hard reset but neither has solved the problem.
  9. Mansn

    Mansn Well-Known Member

    I've had my Hero for a day now, and I haven't encountered this issue.

    There might be two separate problems:
    1) The Hero isn't detecting any more whether headphones are plugged in or not because the background application that is responsible for this is no longer responding - I'm pretty sure that a hard reset would have fixed that.
    2) The Hero can't detect that headphones are being plugged in, because the detection mechanism inside the phone is bust ...
  10. eristoff

    eristoff New Member


    The same problem here in France: I got mine last week and when I plugged my headphone this morning nothing happens.
    I tried a hard reset, plenty of differents headphones but same issue

    I found a small workaround to manualy active or desactivate the jack output :
    toggleheadset - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Sounds like a hardware issue to me
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  11. kccl

    kccl New Member

    I emailed HTC support last night about the aforementioned problem and here is the reply...

    If you want to get in touch with him, his name is James Lee (Europe Support (Tech)) and email address is
  12. stupendo

    stupendo Active Member

    Same thing here, have emailed HTC on the address given. Whats the best number to ring Orange on, 150?
  13. RapTor

    RapTor New Member

    I had a similiar problem with my Samsung YPP2, it was incredibly annoying. You had to move the jack in one direction so that it made contact with something inside the plug, don't remember exactly what it was. Have you tried doing this? I sellotaped mine to tug in that direction until I got a replacement, so maybe this would be useful as a temporary solution, i'd still send it back, of course.
    Stupendo, I imagine so. Just phone that then try and follow in the general direction of 'phone issues' or something to that effect. You might be able to get through to customer services, too.
  14. eristoff

    eristoff New Member

    I noticed that not only the jack was broken but also the backlight of the buttons, the trackball does not flash anymore (notifications) and the LED does not light when charging.
    Does someone have also all these issues?
  15. Goshawk

    Goshawk Member

  16. i_maq

    i_maq Active Member

    Me too! All connected somehow?!
  17. m1.carson

    m1.carson Well-Known Member


    Were you using the supplied h/phone/mike/answer cable or just stand alone h/phone cables, if it's just h/phone cable try inserting the origional a few times [gently].

  18. oller

    oller New Member

    I have exactly the same issue. White HTC on T-Mobile UK. Worked fine for about a week, then....

    Headset doesn't work, handset doesn't detect anything plugged in (no icon) and therefore plays music through speakers.

    LED by earpiece never lights up anymore, even when USB connected and charging.

    Buttons and Trackball are no longer backlit.

    I've booked this into HTC to have repaired, a courier's picking it up tomorrow.
  19. Tj-Hero

    Tj-Hero Member

    Got the same problem, totally gutted, am loving the hero. The headset toggle widget seems to work but it is not the same!
  20. IcemAn911

    IcemAn911 Member

    I've experienced a slight problem before but I found that I would have to push the jack in firmly because of the silicon case which I'm using and the way it has been slanted... but other than that it could be a hardware issue as others have mentioned.
  21. volatile

    volatile Member

    So after fixing the Sync problem, I'm now experiencing this one! Argh!
  22. volatile

    volatile Member

    I got what I guess was an automated response from HTC telling me that if another pair of headphones doesn't work, I need to send the phone back fro repair.

    The copy and paste support monkey totally ignored the bit of my message where I explained that the headsets worked just fine with ToggleHeadset, so a "repair" wasn't necessary.
  23. tragicheart

    tragicheart Active Member

    I just loaded up some songs and tried using headphones to listen to music but it kept going through to the speakers, so here is how I fixed my problem:

    1. Turned phone off then turned it back on
    2. Put the headphone jack all the way in, but this didnt work
    3. Slowly remove the headphone jack out, but not all the way. The music started to come through the headphones instead of the speaker now.
    4. Push the headphone jack all the way back in.

    Hopefully this works for you guys
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  24. ScumPuppy

    ScumPuppy Well-Known Member

  25. hutie1983

    hutie1983 Member

    i have the same problem. one of my friends tells me it is the hardware issue, we can do nothing.:rolleyes:[​IMG]

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