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  1. whytecell

    whytecell Member

    Hello out there, Im looking for buying a great condition hero.
    i'm planning to spend $200.00-$250.00 or we could negotiate.
    Must have Clean ESN, no scratches, no blemishes on Hardware.
    if selling with extra stuff: that would be AWESOME!
    pics of the item sold, is needed or if you have a ebay link just post it.

    *If it's rooted that's fine with me. just want the most current OS or Froyo2.2
    if it's been ported to the hero yet.

    **Please note: also looking for an EVO lol for a good price :)

    If needed just PM me.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this.

  2. jhale83

    jhale83 Well-Known Member

    PM sent.

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