HTC Hero Extended Battery available (3200 mAh instead 1350mAh)

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  2. Lizardroid

    Lizardroid Active Member

    Battery life (or lack thereof) is my chief complaint over the Hero.

    I was thinking maybe HTC/Android smartphones should enter alliances with electronic manufacturers and make docking stations... Much like Apple's MFI (made for ipod) programme.

    Then possibilities for future development could see Google revolutionalise media streaming technology.... Android movie station? Android TV? Gaming?

    Sorry got carried away LOL... still wish their batteries last longer......
  3. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    What's wrong with charging your phone every night? And that battery pack is going to turn your hero into a right fatty!
  4. phillevy

    phillevy Well-Known Member

    This is another area where I see no problem - battery life of the Hero is miles better than my old Nokia N82 and also my wife's iPhone 3GS. There is always a charging point available for me with the PC usb connection further enhancing this. In any case if I forget to plug in at night I still have power the next morning for a few hours at least.
    For travelling I use one of these:
    Power Traveller Power Monkey - Universal Charger for: Electronics & Photo
  5. Plymouthbiker

    Plymouthbiker Active Member

  6. djmart

    djmart Member

    The most irritating thing about my previous phone (Nokia N95) was that it didn't charge from the usb. Now I am in the habit of having my Hero connected whether to the laptop or at home so battery constantly topped up, allowing it to discharge from time to time when away. So for me no problem.
  7. It's just that the USB recharging seems to take forever with mine; I stopped 6 hours once for a complete charge.
    Then again, this bulk.. I don't know; I guess the replacement cover will not have that nice teflon coating either.
    How do battery sizes develop anyway these days - is it worth waiting half a year maybe, so they might fit, lets say a 2500mAh one into the regular slot?
  8. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

    +1 for the powermonkey. Amazing little piece of kit.
  9. mobilecables

    mobilecables Member

    I also bought one of these Hero 3000mah batteries also from Took 2 days to arrive and I am very pleased with it. Id reccomend the site if you need a new Hero battery. Thanks for pointing the site out. this was my 1st order with them but I will definately shop with them again.]

    Very happy :)
  10. JayCee

    JayCee Well-Known Member

    What colour did you get?
  11. mobilecables

    mobilecables Member

    It is a black back. looks nice on the phone. more importantly I have more juice when out and about.
  12. dv8silencer

    dv8silencer Member

    What about for the Sprint HERO ? Is there a larger battery for that
  13. afonja

    afonja Well-Known Member

  14. dv8silencer

    dv8silencer Member

    wow, never knew about that forum lol. ty
  15. stryder

    stryder Member

    Does the 3200mah battery needs some kind of "training" before it's up to full storing capacity? Got one this week, and I've charged it for the first time last evening. It's now down to 80% over night...20% usage is a lot considering that I have everything turned off (wifi, switched to 2g, mobile internet etc) And one thing I've noticed is that the charging took like 1 hr which seems very fast ( and strange). Is there any app on the market that shows the battery capacity? Should I be worried?:)
  16. MattW

    MattW Well-Known Member

    Sounds dubious to me - Li batteries don't need any 'training'.
  17. SteveKent

    SteveKent New Member

    I notice that the 3000 mah is not for the Sprint Her. THey have a 1800 mah battery for it which I just ordered for $33.00. I read some good reviews on it .. I hope it will fix the battery life issue. I have only had my Hero for a couple of days, but I have to darn near keep it on the charger all the time ..
  18. jonous101

    jonous101 Well-Known Member

    i'd like that battery, but i don't think the black cover would look nice with my white hero - shame they don't have a choice of colours.
  19. "With Battery Door in White / Dark Brown"
  20. Hellwÿck

    Hellwÿck Well-Known Member

    Like this y'mean?
  21. stryder

    stryder Member

    my problem with the new battery is fixed...looked like it needed more time to charge...i'm now to 76% since saturday morning ( ~ 55 hrs ) - talked aprox. 20 minutes, some smses, wifi to check my email fb etc...preety bad ass :D

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