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HTC Hero issue with HTC Sync disconnecting when updating firmware.

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  1. swam

    swam New Member


    I've got hold of an HTC Hero on Orange (UK) which is running Firmware Version 1.5 and build number :

    I checked on the HTC site and found that there was an updated firmware version :

    ROM Upgrade for HTC Hero (Orange -

    From this page :


    So, I had HTC Sync installed previously and it connects to the phone perfectly without a problem, BUT when I run the Rom Upgrade .exe, HTC Sync disconnects and the software returns a 'cannot recognise phone' USB error.

    Oddly as soon as I exit the firmware upgrade HTC Sync reconnects again.

    Does anyone have any idea what could be happening here?

    Does the phone / HTC Sync not like the firmware file? Or should I be updating to a lower firmware version from 1.5 before trying this version?

    I did attempt to find 'older' firmware versions to give them a try, but alas no luck.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. swam

    swam New Member


    Managed to fix this stupid problem by not even running HTC Sync. Great 'official' instructions HTC.


  3. peteh01

    peteh01 New Member

    Hi Sam

    How did you do it. I have exactly the same problem. Bought unlock code from Orange to swap to o2 SIM but without firmware update unlock code does not work properly. My Hero is still on 1.5

    Cheers Pete
  4. swam

    swam New Member


    I take it you downloaded the firmware from the HTC site?

    I just had my HTC Hero connected via usb (when it was charging) and just ran the update .exe. All this without having to run HTC Sync at all.


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  5. peteh01

    peteh01 New Member

    Thanks Sam, tried that but it failed with a 130 message saying it wasn't the correct RUU ?????

    Cheers anyway

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