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  1. vamos124

    vamos124 New Member

    Hi, I have had a Hero for about a month now and yesterday somebody tried to unlock the pattern incorrectly and has now locked the phone out. I only made a gmail solely for the purpose of this phone and have forogtten the username/password. Is there anyway I can fix this without having to lose everything on the phone? The main thing I need to keep are the contacts, everything else is fine, but would like to keep apps as I spent AGES downloading them.


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  2. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    You won't be glad to hear this, but by default contacts are only backed up to..... your google account. (Unless you picked to save them as Phone or Sim contacts).

    Go to Gmail and try the password recovery.
  3. Danny159

    Danny159 Well-Known Member

    Just so I know.. What does happen if you keep entering it incorrectly?
    And is there any way of getting back in?

  4. andy d

    andy d Well-Known Member

    Only by putting your gmail account in which you would have set up when you bought the phone.
  5. ticho

    ticho Well-Known Member

    I've had exactly this happen few months back, and I had to reset the phone, losing everything, after two days of trying to get into the phone. No trick I found on the 'net worked. I'm sorry. :/
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  6. drafter495

    drafter495 Member

    Found these instructions but unfortunately you have to know your google account name and password.

    Forgot Your Lock Screen Pattern?
    If you have forgotten the screen unlock pattern, you have up to five attempts to try and unlock your phone. If this fails, you can unlock your phone by entering your Google Account user name and password.
    1. On the unlock screen, attempt to enter your unlock pattern five times.
    2. When prompted to wait for 30 seconds, tap OK.
    3. If the display goes off, press the POWER button to turn the display back on and then press the bar on the lock screen and slide your finger down to unlock the screen.
    4. Tap the Forgot Pattern button in the lower right corner when it appears.
    5. Enter your Google Account name and password, and then tap Sign in.
    You are then prompted to create a new screen unlock pattern. If you no longer want to use a screen unlock pattern to secure your phone, tap Cancel
  7. kwif007

    kwif007 Active Member

    Sorry to hear this, I did the same.

    Unfortunately the hero has a flaw, if anyone forgots the pattern over the amount so it prompts your gmail u/n and password, you have no choice but to reset the device.

    The reason is the hero can not connect to the internet whilst locked so even if you put in the correct details it will still say they are incorrect as it cant connect to verify the details.

    I learnt the hard way
  8. ih77

    ih77 Member

    unless you are not connected to the internet by default (i.e. you switch off your data and/or wifi connection before you are "locked out") you can access the internet when it is on the pattern screen. so the above scenario wouldn't happen for most users
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  9. cjayl

    cjayl New Member

    I figured out a way to get past the screen lock "too many attempts" problem without doing a hard reset on my phone.

    I called my Phone (from my Skype account :) so I could get to the notifications pull down. (couldn't get to home screen or setting from the call) But, I could pull down my notifications. I had a "new email" notification so I clicked on it so that my gmail would open. I then opened an email that had a URL link in it and I clicked on the link. This then opened my browser, which tried to open the link but, it couldn't because, I was still on my Skype call. This prompted the browser to give me an error message that had a Settings button. I clicked on the settings button and was able to turn on my wi-fi and connect to my home network ( I couldn't get to any other settings). At this point I pulled down my notifications again and clicked on the sign in failure notification and this time my phone was able to authenticate my gmail password, through the wi-fi connection.

    FYI, I had to go to gmail and change my password as I'd forgotten it. If you don't remember your password you'll have to go through the gmail, I forgot my password/reset process.

    If you have email notifications turned off, I think you can send a link through with a text message but, I've never done that. Maybe someone else can chime in on how to do that. It's probably pretty simple.

    Lemme know if this works for you.
  10. fontburn

    fontburn Well-Known Member

    Someone did this on my phone for a "laugh"

    I had to a hard reset to according to orange tech support. After the incident I searched the web and found a few things.

    From memory if you enter your username that you setup the phone with and the password 'null' without quotes it sometimes works.

    Also heard about somepeople hammering the menu key repeatably on start up and it jumps to settings.

    Both of these were googled answers and I think also found them on the android issues page at google. hope you get it sorted.
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  11. barnacles

    barnacles Well-Known Member

    You say you were searching for fixes.. wouldn't that defeat the purpose of this option? Its there for protection. If someone gets your phone, they can't get it, and after enough attempts it will lock them out. If it was as easy as googling a way around it, then the whole feature would be pointless. None the less, your google account is a good thing to know if you own an android phone.. :D Do you know the username? Go to googles site and try a password recovery
  12. fontburn

    fontburn Well-Known Member

  13. Ivan Durak

    Ivan Durak New Member

    Just tried this, and it worked. Unlocked my phone. Typed the full email, including the part, typed null for password. I then had to enter a new unlocking pattern (the usual operation).

    Thanks for the tip, I'd have hated to lose all the apps, music etc.
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  14. Mat-Moo

    Mat-Moo Active Member

    OH THANK YOU!!!! The password "null" worked for me and saved me from a hard reset! What a STUPID flaw, how could this slip in!!!
  15. theF1FTHmethod

    theF1FTHmethod New Member

    I had this problem myself that startet a few days ago, but after reading this thread and typing in "null" I came in, epic :p
  16. mynameisstolen

    mynameisstolen New Member

    My two year old decided to play games on mommy's phone. the reason for the unlock pattern in the first place. bathrooms, 2 yos, and my hero don't mix.

    The null worked for me. thank you thank you thank you.
  17. Benwiles

    Benwiles New Member

    Thanks for the 'null' tip. What a ridiculous bug!

    I had to use the address rather than the, perhaps because I'm in the UK.

    Thanks again.

  18. jiggamaine

    jiggamaine New Member

    Since you can't get to the network during pattern lock out for phone to authenticate you gmail login here is what work for me:

    1. Grab another cell phone and text your self.
    2. Call the your lock phone from that same cell phone.
    3. Answer the phone and just set the other phone down.
    4. From your lock phone during the phone call, open the unread text message you sent yourself and hit reply. Hit the Menu button then press attach then press location. it's gonna try to find your GPS location but will be unable to.
    5. This is where you need a wireless router internet connection. If you already have one saved on your phone. Turn on the WiFi connection.
    6. If your able to connect to a wireless connection hang up the other phone.
    7. Now that your connected to a network via wireless router your phone is now able to authenticate your Gmail account settings and let's your reset the unlock pattern.
  19. nattruered

    nattruered New Member

    It wont unlock for me, tried the null password still no good, what can I do????
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  20. slick_nick

    slick_nick New Member

    *IF* USB debugging is on, you can hook USB to a PC and ADB pull, modify, push the settings db.

    /intentionally obscure
  21. fjama

    fjama New Member

    Someone tried to use my password and now caused my phone locked. I tried to enter my username and passwords since last night but never works. It is annoying to see each time the following message:
    Too many pattern attempts.
  22. chloe12345

    chloe12345 New Member

    how much did it cost too reset the phone and how did you do it?:confused:
  23. chloe12345

    chloe12345 New Member

    how much did it cost&how did you reset it i have a desire and i so confused!?:S
  24. gaurddog99

    gaurddog99 New Member

    I have the same deal but my htc droid incredible was given to me and i had the to many pattern attempts deal and he didnt remember his gmail so i was wondering if you could tell how to reset your phone while its still locked

    thanks :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: :)
  25. willyart

    willyart New Member

    how do i do the resetting on the htc wildfire ( where is the reset bottom ) pls some help me cos its been three days now since i had my phone pattern locked by my daughter

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