HTC Hero OTA update on 3 network

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  1. steph2k10

    steph2k10 New Member

    i have the htc hero white on 3, whitch is 3g, the new OTA update that it coming in 2 parts has not yet reached my mobile, everyone is saying that when they change the date on their mobiles they get the update, i do that and i still dont get it ...

    it is the 2.1 upgrade from the 1.6 firmware

  2. DopedAngel

    DopedAngel Member

  3. Nearly

    Nearly Active Member

    I've used 2.1; and it's not that much different, sure it's a good upgrade but you'll be fine until you pick it up. I think your also mistaken because HTC HERO doesn't have a 1.6 firmware build (Official) available, the only versions of Android are: 1.5, 1.5R2 and 2.1. Additionally go into your settings pane and press about phone > check for updates (or something similar) and see what prompt you get for that. Goodluck.
  4. shadow90

    shadow90 Member

    I have the same problem here. HTC says on the website that the update is "Only applicable to System Image upgrade to 2.73.405.xx"
    people on 3UK have the firmwire 2.73.771.73 which is why we aren't getting the OTA update. problem is we can't install 2.73.405.xx versions... so whats the solution?
  5. philip5660

    philip5660 Member

    Where are you getting the info from - I can't even find the update on the HTC site, just ROMS from last year
  6. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    You'll just have to wait for 3 to get thier act together.
  7. hal-9000

    hal-9000 New Member

    the roms are on the uk htc site, dated early think january 2010
    3UK have the firmware build: 2.73.771.73 on phone and on htc uk site for 3 uk.
    because the build is above all others you may not get the first part of the update, but get the second part to make it to 2.1, why i think its because the build has the bits needed already for it to work with 2.1.
    just have to wait for 3uk and htc to get there fingers out there combined arses to give you update.:rolleyes:

    but when you think about it, if it was not for the hero, which has won loads of awards the htc android phones may not be as well know as they are today, they owe alot to the hero and hero customer base, so they keep you hanging on, ok the phone is abit dated now with all the new ones out there, and they may have to chop bits off the 2.1 upgrade to fit the hero. but they really should pay more attention to there customer base and, all who have supported them over the years, give people the answer's they need not keep hanging them on.
    the way they have treated the customer base with this update is a shocking, this may come back to bite them in the future!
  8. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    3UK (and Orange, T-Mobile) will receive their own version of the pre-update, followed by their own update to 2.1. The blurb on the HTC support site only refers to generic (unbranded) handsets.

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