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HTC Hero ROM upgrade! Android 2.2???Support

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  1. Demax_max

    Demax_max Active Member

    Hi all,

    I have sent today an email to HTC tech. support with request whether they plan to launch Android 2.2 ROM upgrade for HTC Hero in June 2010, instead of initially planned Android 2.1.

    I just thought that this could be the reason for delaying a ROM upgrade for Hero.

    Here is my email to HTC. I will post HTC's reply ASAP.

    "Dear All,

    I have bought my HTC Hero in September 2009. Since then several version of Android were released and applied by other manufacturers to their older models: Android 1.6 & 2.1.

    Unfortunately Hero owners were mistreated by HTC regarding the updates for quite a while now. Recently it was announced that Hero owners must wait for Android 2.1 upgrade until June 2010. Honestly such messages really demotivate huge number of HTC customers including me.

    In meanwhile Google is releasing Android 2.2 in May 2010.

    Could you please let me know if HTC will be releasing Heros' upgrade to Android 2.2 in June 2010?

    We believe that in lights of numerous delays launching Heros' upgrade to Android 2.2 would be the only way to recover HTC's reputation as manufacturer of high quality products with industry leading standard of technical support.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Best regards,


  2. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    Please, if HTC decide to skip to go for 2.2 then this will mean EVEN MORE DELAY. 2.2 isn't even out yet anyway.
  3. Demax_max

    Demax_max Active Member

    Hey, do you really believe that it takes HTC all that time to finetune Android 2.1 for Hero?

    It's all just marketing. HTC has recently released HTC Legend, which is all in all similar to Hero with minor hardware improvements. Surely new model bring more cash to the company, therefore HTC needs to have some differentiation between older models and newer models to stimulate sales of the last ones. Probably hardware improvements won't be good enough sales point for potential customers, but newer version of OS is good motivator to switch customers to new model.

    Believe me HTC is a huge company and it does not take them so long to setup new version of Android. But why would anyone by new phone if they had all the same functionality in the old ones? Sure better processor, more RAM, better grafics chip, but this is important only for geeks, not so much for main stream customers.

    Therefore I believe that HTC will sell out the last stocks Heros in the next months and we might have a real chance to receive 2.2 upgrade immediatly, passing 2.1. Money is money for HTC, but they shall also keep their customers happy and this might be a little nice surprise for all of us... kind of an appology from HTC.


    Up until I purchased my Eris a month ago I would have classified myself as a Mainstream consumer of phones. I would argue your point by saying that every two years like most mainstream customers im going to buy a new phone. Being able to download the latest OS version isnt going to stop me or anyone else from upgrading after two years. These phones take alot of abuse and even the most cared for has to deal with some extreme situations. Severe temperature changes, always on, dust and dirt, oils from hands, dropped, exposed to water and moisture. I could go on and on but you get the picture.

    The only reason why we are waiting is because theres only so much in the budget and they apparently are working on more important things. What I would have asked is why its such a process. At this point it should be like Windows in that we should just be able to update whenever a new version is available. Im not buying hardware differences because theres many more differences in PC hardware.
  5. Demax_max

    Demax_max Active Member

    You can upgrade to Android 2.1 with unofficial ROMs easily. Many of such might have some bugs, but there are some stable ROMs that could be used with no risk (just google for it).

    So do you really think that HTC is so busy that they could not make upgrade for Hero with all their resources? How come solo-developers can do it within a metter of weeks? Come on... making a stable ROM is no sience, honestly! Plus taking into account that they are strategic partner of Google...


    Thank you but I am aware of my options for upgrading the OS. But thats not the point of this thread.

    Well then what would you say the problem is? You say HTC should have no problem getting it done because of their huge amount of resources, Solo Devs can do it within weeks, strategic partners with Google, and apparently making a ROM is not science. Ok great I think my explanation works even more. Once again its also not because they are afraid you wont upgrade after two years. I dont know anyone who doesnt upgrade every two years. Actually I do. I have one friend who collects phones and another who gets a new phone for work once a year.

    So yes I think with the budget HTC set for getting these upgrades certified and released they are infact too busy. Its an artificial limit though. Im not saying they couldnt get it done but in the corporate world things work differently. They have a plan, they set a budget, and they stick to it for a period of time. Agagin I offer this as a possability but one that makes alot of sense. I cant think of any other reason other than they just dont care, they arent really working on anything, and they are just telling us this to keep us under wraps.
  7. Demax_max

    Demax_max Active Member

    I gave already my opinion about the situation in my second post. Please read it again. IT IS ALL JUST MARKETING! Hope it answers all questions.
  8. Demax_max

    Demax_max Active Member

    Finally I have received an answer from HTC:

    "Dear Maxim, Thank you for contacting us. In regards to your enquiry about ROM update,I can help you with that. The last HTC official announcement is as follows: HTC will be providing a free update to Android 2.1 for European HTC Hero variants. Starting in June, anyone owning an HTC Hero will receive an initial preparatory update, shortly followed by the full Android 2.1 update. For the full update, we would recommend using a free Wi-Fi hotspot or an unlimited data plan, otherwise standard data charges may apply. I trust that this resolves your query, please do not hesitate to contact us again if required. Thank you for contacting HTC. Best regards Carola R. HTC"

    The following was my reply to the message:

    "I received the following answer to my question, which does not address the issue raised in my request. I kinly ask you to answer my specific question regarding upgrade of HTC Hero to Android 2.2 in June 2010."

    The story continues... I'll keep you updated!
  9. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    There's not going to be 2.2 for the Hero anytime soon. Once 2.1 has rolled out...then start pushing.
  10. Demax_max

    Demax_max Active Member

    You never know. They might upgrade Hero to 2.2 direcly, skiping 2.1.
  11. Demax_max

    Demax_max Active Member

    Just received another reply from HTC:

    "Dear Maxim, Thank you for contacting us. In regards to your enquiry about will be releasing Heros' upgrade to Android 2.2 in June 2010? ,I can help you with that. HTC has announce the release of the Android 2.1 from June this year.So far we haven't had any official information regarding the Android 2.2 Please do not hesitate to contact us again if required. Thank you for contacting HTC. Best regards Carola R. HTC"

    My reply:

    "Dear Carola,

    Have you had any unoficial information regarding upgrade of HTC Hero to Android 2.2?

    Thank you and best regards,

  12. Demax_max

    Demax_max Active Member

    Here is the final reply from HTC regarding Android 2.2 upgrade for Hero.

    "Dear Maxim, Thank you for contacting us. In regards to your enquiry about unoficial information regarding upgrade of HTC Hero to Android 2.2? ,I can help you with that. Unfortunately we haven't had any information regarding the android 2.2 Thank you for contacting HTC. Best regards Carola R. HTC"

    Therefore HTC neither confirmed nor denied possible upgrade of Hero to Android 2.2. Let's wait for official info upon receiving 2.1 upgrade.
  13. reidbo

    reidbo Well-Known Member

    I'll just be happy with 2.1. Then the devs like flipz and xda can really crank out some good ROM's
  14. vbetts

    vbetts Well-Known Member

    This isn't the reason...Not sure why for the uk hero, but the US CDMA Hero is mainly because of Sprint. Same with the Moment, but the Moment's delayed 2.1 is because of both Sprint and Samsung.
  15. 2.2 will never be released for the Hero. The phone is too slow to run most of the features that make 2.2 different from 2.1
  16. Hurricane_droid

    Hurricane_droid New Member

    just like it couldn't run live wallpapers?

    and too slow to run the speed up features like jit?
  17. sp[a]stic

    sp[a]stic Member

    Guys dont be dumb, HTC and Android are 2 separate things. Thats like emailing HP asking when the new windows update is coming out. HTC has nothing to do with updates, they are hardware not software. The hero is garbage anyway, not to be mean buts it a money maker not a long term investment.
  18. nodrogkam

    nodrogkam Well-Known Member

    eh. sense comes from htc. your example of hp and windows is also invalid. hp also works with MS to develop some updates specific to their own products, but the updates are released in the form of a windows update. point being, there aren't many large companies left who deal only with hardware.

    just my .02

    2.2 will come to the hero but from developers, not from a carrier or htc. htc basically said today and a week ago the specific devices released in 2010 that will get 2.2. hero was never mentioned. a bug free and stable 2.1 is all we can ask for.
  19. jev

    jev Well-Known Member

    Actually, google showed Froyo working on a G1. It runs Froyo much faster than CupCake.
  20. hmadsen

    hmadsen Active Member

    One question pops into my mind.

    If google makes android OS and the only thing HTC does is add sense and the hardware for android is essentially the same whether it is a HTC or some other phone then what would stop dev's from porting the HTC sense UI rom's to other similar phones.

    What if mr. Chinese phone copyist makes a hardware alike phone, would it be possible to put HTC's roms on those phones.

    If yes, then HTC is playing a dangerous game when they delay roms indefinitely and "force" people to use alternative roms for their phones to stay updated.

    Maybe in the future we will buy phones like we buy computers....No OS and we need to get that ourselves.....

  21. mdsj

    mdsj Well-Known Member

    At this point I wouldnt even be concerned with 2.1 for hero. The EVO is out on June 4th and my upgrade is ready in July. So I see no point in fighting for 2.1 on Hero. Just get the EVO and be done with it.
  22. hmadsen

    hmadsen Active Member

    Yeah and when we get the evo it all starts over....Indefinite delays and promises to update to 2.2 and when 2.3 comes out you will just ask us to upgrade again instead of hoping that HTC will give us what they promised ..

    HTC wants us to buy new phones every 6-12 months...That's the whol reason they did not release 2.1 for hero yet...They are afraid that alot of hero owners will be satisfied with their hero and keep it instead of doing what you say....And coincidently what they want....Buy new phones..

  23. dancingbear84

    dancingbear84 New Member

    Guys there is some confusion here. Google do not make the Android OS, Android is developed by the O.H.A. sure it is true that Google is a part of that, just as HTC and a lot of other names are.
    There is no way that FroYo will not run on the Hero. It will. if it can theoretically run on the G1 it will run on Hero.
    I have the Nexus one on loan at the minute and I put FroYo on it at the weekend, free memory rocketed from 30mb to 200mb.
    The trouble is with Android phones and Google phones. what needs to happen IMO is that HTC need to enable users the ability to update to the latest revision the handset can support without hampering by their own UI. This applies to HTC, Moto, Sony Ericsson, Samsung etc. I get that handsets manufacturers want their own spin but this should be an add on to the OS not heavily integrated.
    Similarly I do not agree with the comments about HTC trying to force users to buy new handsets, I used to have Nokia and was able to firmware update that throughout the life of the handset when bug fixes and new functionality was added.
    HTC know that most users are tied in to lengthy contracts and also understand that the bulk of users can not afford or justify
  24. kad3t

    kad3t Well-Known Member

  25. BenzBen

    BenzBen New Member

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