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  1. billybroadsword

    billybroadsword Active Member

    I have just upgraded to the HTC Hero and after a frustrating day spent talking to T-Mobile technical dept and HTC cust support without resolution, I was wondering if anyone here could shed some light on the problem that I have encountered.

    I am running Windows XP SP3 32bit Home edition and cannot get the G2 to communicate with my PC and vice versa. I have installed HTC Sync v 2.0.2 which supposedly has the latest drivers for the handset but when activating the USB connection, the 'found new hardware' wizard returns a 'error installing device/your new hardware may not function correctly' warning (paraphrasing a bit there). As a result, I cannot sync my handset to the HTC sync program. It does, however, recognise the SD card as a removable disc but this connection is quite temperamental, dropping out at will.

    Tech support at T-mobile said that compatibility with Vista was OK but less so with XP.

    Does anyone know of any drivers that will work with my device?


  2. rizzla

    rizzla Well-Known Member

  3. billybroadsword

    billybroadsword Active Member


    Thanks for the advice. Have downloaded the google developers pack but am not exactly sure what to do with it. Is there an installer within the zip file? Do you know the exact name of the driver or how I would recognise it?

  4. billybroadsword

    billybroadsword Active Member


    I have tried these measures and the new drivers still not allowing the phone to sync or interface with the computer. Getting exactly the same problems as before.

    I'm just wondering if the phone itself is up to date as the interface is running very slowly and pretty awful key lag. I have firmware version 1.5 and software 1.0.0.A6288. Are these the latest or should I have newer versions?

  5. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    With the phone ON ... pull the battery and the sim ...wait 3 to 4 min and then try the phone again ... if that doesnt help ... then Factory reset ...
  6. billybroadsword

    billybroadsword Active Member

    Tried this and factory reset, lag is slightly better but... nothing like the difference that operating without the sd card makes. The phone is so much faster without it. It is just the factory one which came with the phone. Micro sd 2gb, not sure which class.
    Which card should I get for optimum performance? Unlike my misses, I'm not that bothered about size. Does size matter or is class the overriding factor?
  7. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Bigger will take a bit longer to check on power on ... Class 2,4, and 6 are available.. you may or may not notice some difference between classes ... (except for taking Pics or writing data ) as the Class only applies to write speed and not read speed ...

    I just changed from a class 4 to 6 ... I have about 300 apps .. and use Apps2SD ... on my rooted phone .... I did NOT notice any great change .. nor did I expect that much ... except for pics, video ...

    So the price is down over the past year ... and a class 6 8GB is under $20 at like egghead ... so Your Choice ...
  8. billybroadsword

    billybroadsword Active Member

    Thanks for the advice. The phone is now running reasonably quickly but I am still not having much luck syncing with outlook.

    I have downloaded and tried HTC Sync 2.0.4 and there is no difference. I am able to pair the device with the phone but only when the first connection is made after a factory reset of phone and a fresh install and reboot of the HTC Sync. As soon as I try and sync the phone, a few contacts go through OK but then the device times out and I cannot get the connection back unless I factory reset phone and reinstall HTC Sync

    The driver in the Android developer pack 1.5 seems to be for the HTC Dream, mine is a Hero. Should I be using this driver or is there a separate driver for Hero?

    Other users seem to have no problems with XP SP3... I have thrown everything I can at the problem and I desperately need to get it working otherwise I'll have to take the phone back.

    Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  9. jubinshah

    jubinshah New Member


    I am facing the same problem. I am unable to sync my contacts through outlook. I have XP with SP3.
    This is my second G2. The first one only had a 3 hour battery life and now this problem.....unless I get the remedy, i would have to have this phone returned.
  10. tlzeebub

    tlzeebub Member

    I'm suffering from exactly the same problem only mine is with Vista Ultimate 32 bit, yesterday i got my Hero to sync with my work PC which is XP but i cannot for the life of me get it to work with Vista, I've factory reset the Hero and still it wont sync, please help somebody.
  11. billybroadsword

    billybroadsword Active Member

    Just received and installed an 8gb micro SDHC class 6 card to replace the one that came with the phone and it has made an enormous difference in performance.

    The lag has gone and I am finally able to unlock and appreciate the phone's potential.

    This has made the difference between returning the phone and keeping it. Thank God I don't have to get a Crackberry. What a relief.
  12. NiceCupOfTea

    NiceCupOfTea Well-Known Member

    I've had a similiar problem
    I eventually got around it by rebooting both laptop and phone - which the manual omits to mention. It's complicated by the fact that when plugged in it takes a couple of mins for the laptop/phone to recognise each other.

    I thought I had it sorted it but it's only giving me the option of syncing with outlook express, not Outlook which is where all my contacts are.

    I have had the phone about 48 hours and I'm starting to get a bit hacked off. Very little seems to be working out of the box, I have been googling workarounds almost non stop since I got it which is not really what I hoped for.

    I really want this to work, it's so much better than my old WinMo phone. Come on HTC, give us some updates that sort this out :(
  13. milles

    milles New Member

    I am using on XP Professional SP3 and HTC Sync, version: 2.0.4.
    When I try to sync the phone "can't find HTC Sync in the computer".
    Also the sync program freezes with all buttons greyed out.

    This is incredibly bad, since Windows is the only OS that supposedly is supported(!) and it doesn't work on this very common configuration.
  14. NiceCupOfTea

    NiceCupOfTea Well-Known Member

    Try rebooting the phone. It *may* work then. Can't believe that something so fundamental to the operation of the phone is so flakey...
  15. rosco9999

    rosco9999 New Member


    Been frustrated too - but turns out the drivers are actually on the phone - you need to go to Settings > Applications > Development and turn on USB Debugging then connect to your PC.

    I had the sync software previously installed, and havent tested any other way so I would advise doing it this way - but works fine now.

    Good luck!!
  16. panj555

    panj555 New Member

    I've had the same problem for a few weeks, however i have finally resolved it

    My phone connected when I first had it to my XP SP3 machine, but then stopped working, the problem with mine was an app that I downloaded called TasKiller great app, but stopped my phone being found when I tried to sync it

    Even with this app your phones should still sync with SP2 as i have tried this and have had no problems but SP3 caused an issue until last night

    Uninstalled TasKiller, restarted my phone and suddenly it started to appear on my SP3 machines

    Hope this helps guys

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