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  1. andy d

    andy d Well-Known Member

    Just found a useful app on the market.
    Its called upsounddown.

    when you make or receive a call by holding your phone upside down or lay it flat on a table it will turn your loudspeaker on.

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  2. rob200375

    rob200375 Active Member

    i will check this out as I use the loudspeaker all the time and this could be really useful,
    downloading now will wait for a call and see what happens
  3. alchemistkevin

    alchemistkevin Well-Known Member

    Thanks - a very useful thread.
  4. nmccallum

    nmccallum Member

    This thread answered questions I didn't even know I had, kudos.
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  5. myfester

    myfester New Member

    I sync info from Outlook onto my Hero. I have no problem syncing; however, the Hero "People" list will only hold a small amount of "notes" on each contact. I have notes on each of my contacts so I remember care information on their pets. Well, on my old Blackberry, it would be able to display all the information I have written in Outlook.

    Does anyone have an app they know of that will hold more information on each of their contacts? Or know a way to make the app the phone came with hold more info? This is my first major gripe with the phone.

    Please help!
  6. PeCe

    PeCe New Member

    wondering why the received emails on HTC Hero are all deleted after few days,
    how do i save them on phone, any ideas??
    are there any other email client on andriod market allowing to save emails on hero??

    hey guys, if u haven't already checked out the application Gmote try it its great!!
    allows u to play media files on ur computer using ur phone as remote control OR u can play the media files (from ur computer) on ur phone
  7. maz6870

    maz6870 New Member

    HI all

    am a proud owner of a g2 touch - htc hero provided by t-mobile, had it about a month. Just a few queries has anyone had a lag on the clock yet? I have the large digital display with weather on my front page and recently my alarm went off late due to having a 15 minute lag!! I was very nearly late for work! Any ideas how I can stop this - have always relied on my mobiles for waking up as an alarm and dont want to go back to alarm clocks!
  8. Chi Hwan Kim

    Chi Hwan Kim New Member

    There is an perfect app named iCSV Address Book that is able to import contacts from any CSV format file on SD memory card. Also it provides an easy way to export contacts to CSV file on SD card for back up or sharing.

  9. rainmanne

    rainmanne Well-Known Member

    It's not a problem with the clock widget, which always updates itself to the phone's time when awaken, but with the clock itself or the alarm. It is actually a well-known issue and has been reported on this forum a number of times before. Unfortunately I haven't seen any solution yet.
  10. maz6870

    maz6870 New Member

    Thanks for that Rainmanne, I will closely watch for updates/fixes for it
  11. paully

    paully Well-Known Member

    I'm new both to Android and linux. Been running the htc3125 (win mobile) for almost 3.5 years. Just got the sprint hero. Am lovin it and excited to be a part of it.

    Here's few clarifying questions. Or if anyone can point me to a more relevant thread, I would appreciate it.

    1) is the following true?: a widget is a program that is continuously running and what sits on the "desktop" is the GUI for that program. the shortcuts are actual shortcuts to a program (app) that isn't running.

    2) with my old windows mobile phone, i frequently used the task manager to kill programs and free up resources. is this a mentality that I should keep with the app manager? There seems to be an awful lot of my apps lingering and consuming RAM (?). Or is there something different about resource distribution here that I should know?

    3) Where are the wifi and gps toggling widgets lekky referred to in his "General Tips" at the top of this forum? Does he mean simply toggling them off in Settings>Wireless controls/Location? Or is there something cooler meant? Haven't found a toggle on the market that hero owners don't complain about yet.

    4) My employer uses google for our business email provider. I have a work calendar, work contacts and work email. I use gmail for my personal. At work, I use Mozilla for my email (not Outlook like most of my colleagues). The goal is to sync my work calendar to my personal calendar. I would like to keep the email separate, I will probably use a second app for the work email account. The work contacts I would like to keep off of my phone entirely. Any nudges to help me on this quest would be appreciated.

    5) Being brought up in with a windows mentality, there is a dreadful, unsettling feeling associated with the downloading and trying the number of apps that I want to play with. That I will mess up the stability of the device and have to format everything and start over. Does the linux foundation bring some stability to the party and I should relax? Or are these feelings warranted?

    6) You're awesome.
  12. Jaffa

    Jaffa Well-Known Member

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  13. paully

    paully Well-Known Member

    There is one thing that I forgot. Anti-virus.

    Is cell phone anti-virus software/technology something I need to care about now? (perhaps I should be searching for an anti-virus thread....:)

    Anyhow, thanks again.
  14. nimita :)

    nimita :) New Member

    hey, i was told i need a software update for my hero by my network but im not sure where i can find it the update to download it.
    does anyone know the website address?
    thanks :)
  15. andy d

    andy d Well-Known Member

    No idea were your based so.

  16. Chappie

    Chappie Well-Known Member

    Who's Network are you with as I'm with T-Mobile UK and found the update for mine on their website, just did a search.
  17. bzzzzz

    bzzzzz Well-Known Member

    my phone is an unlocked orange phone, but i'm pretty certain you can get updates from both orange website and also htc website.
  18. Jaffa

    Jaffa Well-Known Member

    Ref the Icon list at the top, I sometimes get top left of my status bar a white arrow pointing left with a black cross in the middle..any ideas?
  19. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    "More (not displayed) notifications".
  20. msierra519

    msierra519 Well-Known Member

    hi all, i just got my Hero last week and love it!

    i have a question..are there certain apps that came with the phone we can remove? or is that going to cause problems with the phone to function?

    btw this thread is great, i got a bunch of new apps thanks to this thread :D
  21. DrWeaseL

    DrWeaseL Member

    I recently installed the updated handscent, and now my wife tries to send me picture mail from her blackberry and they come in with the alert and tell me i have a picture and all it shows is the file name and the downloading statement... then it times out and i get the download button, which does nothing when i click it. can you please help me troubleshoot this?

    since i thought maybe it was her phone i logged into sprint picture mail and the photo is there and when i forward it to my phone it comes in and does the same exact thing.
  22. kinkmaks

    kinkmaks New Member

    hi hope i could help u out.just go to handcent settings and will display retrive msg options for sms&mms select goto mms retrival settings and select auto retrive and do same in default msg application settings though u cannot then check with your service provider because some providers only support mms on gprs.
  23. rainmanne

    rainmanne Well-Known Member

    You can also include K-9 Mail as a good alternative to the stock mail client.
  24. bzzzzz

    bzzzzz Well-Known Member

    The only problem I have with the stock email program is that it doesn't update when I've read a message on my computer. so i have to open all emails twice. is there any way to avoid this?
  25. sho_nuff1997

    sho_nuff1997 New Member

    Great thread. Thanks for putting all this together!

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