Htc hero water damage

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  1. Kelly-jobling

    Kelly-jobling New Member

    I dropped my phone down the toilet (dont ask lol) and now my phones touch screen wont work. At first it worked fine could use it how I did before, thn it went dead. I dried it out and left it off. After 24hrs I turned it back on and the phone needed to reset it self ...... this was done. My phone has totally reset now...but the screen dont work. There is alot of condensation on the screen. HOW DO I GET RID OF THIS?

  2. jev

    jev Well-Known Member

    You probably are too late for rescuing the phone since you've turned it on when wet, but give this a try (you've got nothing to loose now): open the back and remove the battery. Also remove the SIM card if you've got one and remove the SD Card. Than put the open phone in a box, filled with dry rice and let it sit there for 48 hours at least (leave it there is there's still moisture behind the screen). Do NOT use it during that time. The rice is hygroscopic, it will suck water right out of it.

    Unfortunately, chances are the water already ruined the electronics.
  3. Kelly-jobling

    Kelly-jobling New Member

    thanks hun its working now ...... just the camera wont now arghhhhhhhhhhhh

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