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HTC Imported Contacts into Gmail

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    FLAKPA New Member

    Recently upgraded to HTC after years of Blackberry use. The ATT rep xfered my BB contacts onto my new HTC. I have cleaned up my Gmail account in anticipation of moving my 200 BB contacts into my Gmail account.

    I have spent most the day looking on forums, reading manuals and help site trying to find out how to sync my HTC contacts into Gmail. Do I need a third party app? What am I missing?

    I created a new contact with the phone, used the phones sync freature and indeed the new contact does sync with Gmail. I now have one contact in Gmail. Now how do I get the other 250 contacts with into into my Gmail account?

    Any help, links or advise would be GREATLY appreciated!!



  2. Black_Cat

    Black_Cat Member

    Here is what I did. It has something to do with whether the contacts are tied to the phone or to Gmail. I took the long way, but under contacts>menu>import/export>export to SD card
    then copy that file to your computer. Open Gmail and import from there. It'll load from that file just fine. Then they will always be there no matter what happens to the phone.

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