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HTC Incredible 2 unlock code???Support

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  1. Momar99

    Momar99 Active Member

    I bought an htc incredible 2 and i need to unlock it so i can use it for Iwireless. does anyone know a credible website or anyplace i can buy a code? thanks, appreciate it.

  2. Spikes 2.0

    Spikes 2.0 Member

    Is your phone itself locked or is the wireless locked
  3. Momar99

    Momar99 Active Member

    the phone is locked. what do you mean by "is the wireless locked?
  4. Saynt_J

    Saynt_J Active Member

  5. Spikes 2.0

    Spikes 2.0 Member

    To unlock it you can call your phone company or factory reset it,that means everything will be erased...to do this your phone needs to be off(hold down pwr button, menu, and vol up key) hold all three buttons at the same time and release when droid shows
  6. am_beagle

    am_beagle Active Member

    If you have a Verizon account (supposed to) in good standing at least 3 months, just call their global service and ask for the unlock code for free. Keep in mind that the Inc2 is a quad band GSM but an unlocked Inc2 in the US doesn't work with ATT and Tmo sim cards here.
  7. Movingtarget13

    Movingtarget13 New Member

    So question, can Verizon only unlock the incredible 2 if you have an active account? I'm wanting to use mine for StraightTalk currently, but am having difficulties getting an unlock code...any suggestions?
  8. Olbrannon

    Olbrannon New Member

    AFAIK the incredible 2 will not work on TMobile or AT&T's networks.They are GSM and you need a sim card for those (which someone above posted will not work with that phone)

    I just bought one and am using Page Plus so far it seems fine. Page Plus utilizes Verizon's network. You can also do pre-paid with Verizon. Verizon uses CDMA. I am thinking of rooting mine since the Verizon apps are useless on Page Plus. Currently it is 2.3.4

    Oh yeah IIRC Straight Talk uses AT&T network
  9. scooldesire

    scooldesire New Member

    You may try this site, I didn't try this for htc incredible 2 but used them for my htc one and the process was similar.

    unlock htc phone via imei code

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