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  1. deterdoter

    deterdoter New Member

    I bought this phone 2 days ago and the battery just died on me, the thing is that I charged it full and when it hits around 70% my whole phone shuts down and would not start up again. So I recharged it, and got it full and then it shuts down on me again around that same battery percentage. Can anyone tell me the problem or help me out here? I'm out of ideas. D =

  2. 0168475686

    0168475686 New Member

    Hi, i bought my IS in (malaysia) may 2011 and the battery lasted for a month, sent it back for repair, unfortunately, it went missing and i was given another set and the battery just went dead three days ago...

    i'm wondering if anyone here has charging/battery issue....

    should i get a new battery or what?:confused:

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