HTC Incredible, clean esn, good shape, $125

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  1. TheBlueFox

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    I'm selling my dinc because my brother gave me an X. The phone is in good shape. It does have some minor wear on it. Its got a few minor scratches around the front black trim ring, but they're not real noticeable. The digitizer (touch screen) looks good too. It was recently replaced by a local guy thats good with electronics. I also have a silicon case for it. The optical trackpad is in good condition as well. I do have the original box, but it had the side cut out of it from the original owner that I had purchased the phone from. The phone has a clean ESN that can be activated on Verizon. I will note this. Sometimes the phone acts buggy. It did that before the screen was replaced, and just seems laggy to me (like when you have to many windows open and your switching between them while commands are running). It's not a problem really, but I just wanted to be honest and tell everything I can about it.

    I can get pictures up if anyone is interested. Also, it will come with the usb cord and wall adapter too. I might even have another screen protector around if my wife hasn't used it.

    Any questions, feel free to ask. I'm selling it low because I have no need for it now and would just like the money to help get her a new iPod. Thanks for looking!

    p.s. $125 shipped. I'll ship it a.s.a.p. after payment has cleared. Priority Mail with tracking number.

    EDIT: This phone is also an AMOLED phone (ADR6300VW)

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    You have feedback anywhere?
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    If it's still for sale, I'll take it if you accept paypal.

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