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  1. Per1

    Per1 Member

    So, got the OTA update alert last week for the ICS 4.0.4 uodate, and proceeded. Downloaded fine, but since then the phone has just become a

  2. Per1

    Per1 Member

    After the fiasco with HTC help line, I called O2 as I wanted to see what I could do in the event that HTC said the phone was out of warranty and would charge stupid money to repair it.

    Their repair centre was supremely helpful, and thorough and after 40 minutes on the phone to them and working through my mobile, I got it working as it should have done in the first place.

    I can't believe the HTC team didn't take the time to talk me through and trouble shoot like the the chap at O2 did.

    10 out of 10 to O2 for the help.

    0 out of 10 to HTC

  3. AshishAndro

    AshishAndro New Member

    Hey, Can you please explain what solution did the O2 guys provide? I'm facing the same problem!
  4. Per1

    Per1 Member

    It took a couple of attempts, with the O2 guy on the line, but basically it was a proper hard factory reset - going in to the root menu and doing a reset from there, not the soft factory reset that is instantly accessible on the phone. By Hard Reset, I mean power off, and then power on with the volmue down button pressed until you get to the hidden menu/routines.

    Once I had done the reset, I then still had some WiFi issues and had to play about with internet access using 3G initially and then toggling the WiFi on/off button - got it working eventually. Seems that there may have been a glitch when I downloaded the update and I couldn't switch WiFi on, even though it was indicating as on, it was not receiving any signal.

    Good luck - it will work, but you may need to do the hard reset a couple of times and keep testing it.

    Hope this helps?


  5. Rohan Garuda

    Rohan Garuda New Member

    Hi, i do use HTC Incredible S with Andriod ICS. I do have a problem with service message popups. These messages get popped up only at certain cell towers. Remaining time they wont come up. I cant even cancel the message, the only option available is to press the home screen button. Please help me regarding thsi as the problem is frustrating me when im using any application,

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