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    Mar 18, 2013
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    i first got an icredible s over a year ago and noticed not all my texts where getting through or they would come through if i sent another text (it would appear in the correct space and with the time that the message was sent from my friend, not the time i recieved it). i complained and as i had only had my phone for under 28 days was able to do a direct swap. This phone has been fine up untill a few weeks ago when the same thing has started to happen again, the only difference that i never seem to recieve the texts even after ive recieved more off the same and different people. i havent recently updaed the software and have the newest version
    it is not with all my texts but with random texts and random contacts, i can send texts and make and recieve calls fine
    PLEASE HELLPPPP i really dont want to have to do a factory reset :s

  2. 2k2cse

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    Dec 6, 2011
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    Have you tried shutting off your phone, pulling out the battery and SIM card for a few minutes, and putting them back and starting the phone again?

    Also, are you using the stock messenger app, or a downloaded one? Have you tried downloading one like GOSMS?

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