HTC Incredible S Root/Overclock help!

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  1. Aodhan

    Aodhan New Member

    I would like to root my HTC Incredible S so I can overclock it. I want to overclock it because it is a single core 1ghz processor and I would like to run Ocarina of Time on the N64oid emulator full speed. Right now, its laggy. I've heard of temporary roots and perma-roots, and I'm not entirely sure if my phone can be rooted. If it can be, how can i overclock, what is the appropriate processor speed so it doesnt overheat but fast enough so it runs the game full speed. Thanks, and can someone please explain custom ROMS and kernals. I'm really new to android because I've been on iOS and in to the jailbreak scene so long.

    .. I know, people call me a ****** and a noob all the time. They tell me to stop asking stupid questions. If just one person can explain to me what this S-OFF is and all that other stuff, I would be able to learn. I can't learn if i don't have something to base it off of. Please explain to me how I can safely make my phone faster, and put these CUSTOM ROMS on.


  2. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    For an explanation about S-OFF check here (public:forever [RootWiki]).

    The first place to start is to visit the AlphaRevX site ( This software will turn the HBOOT security flag off (S-OFF) so that you can then flash a custom recovery that will allow you to flash new ROMs with OC kernels.

    You should find more than enough information in the Incredible S forum on XDA-Developers to get you going in the right direction.
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  3. Aodhan

    Aodhan New Member

    thanks so much, I just found a useful thread on XDA , i cant thank you enough
  4. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    There is always the "Thanks" button on a forum post :)
  5. aaratpatel

    aaratpatel Member

    guys please help me how to root my phone, i am Indian user of HTC INcredible S, S-off, Android 2.3.3,
    Product: HTC_vivo
    brand: HTC_Asia_india
    Bootloader: 1.13.0000
    Radio: unknown
    Hw- vivo
    kernel- Linux

  6. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

  7. beyonddroid

    beyonddroid New Member

    Hi guys,
    I got an incredible s 2.3.3 and im new to smart phones how do I know if my phone is s-off or s-on?
  8. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    From a powered off state, hold the Volume Down key and then press the Power button. This will take you to the HBOOT/bootloader screen.

    At the top of the screen, the first line should have the model name VIVO and then you should see either S-ON or S-OFF on that line also.

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