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  1. ninety-six

    ninety-six New Member

    I have bought my HTC Incredible S in Singapore on 21st June 2011, used it for nearly 2 months then suddenly the sound vanished. There is no notification sounds (when receiving messages), I wouldn't know if someone is calling me since there is no ring tone, there is no sound when playing games, there is no sound when playing the music. I have tried checking the setting and even did a factory reset, nothing works for me. Oddly, when switching on the phone, there is a sound but only up to this point. My phone also did not vibrate anymore. Any one know whats wrong?

  2. Aby112

    Aby112 Member

    you should bring it back to HTC..
  3. TheSomeoneGuy

    TheSomeoneGuy New Member

    First all my sound dissapeared, then it came back and now the mediasound is gone. Ringtones and alarms work, but youtube, spotify, itunes and htc music launcher are all not working!

  4. Vamos Amigo

    Vamos Amigo Member

    OMG... early i also faced same problem.... sound vanished!!
    Currently only personalize work... the rest are remain same problem.
    I boot up the phone without insert SD card then play around the personalize setting and is work... while the rest are remain same problem after insert SD card again...
    look like is due to software problem...
  5. New Member

    Yes I have the very same problem. When I play music I can hear a clicking from the back speaker. Does anyone know how to fix this it happened all of a sudden... The firt thing I noticed was that my alarm didn't sound thismorning the phone just vibrated!!
  6. Vamos Amigo

    Vamos Amigo Member

    Hi guys,
    I notice that it may cause by the cable connector whole! experience that sound suddenly appear when I plug in cable to the whole! Now under monitoring, will update on time !!
  7. New Member

    Called HTC described the problem. They said its not software. I've sent it in for repair.
  8. Vamos Amigo

    Vamos Amigo Member

    Hi all,
    The problem never occurrence up to date... look like it may cause by cable connector whole.
  9. jamus

    jamus New Member

    Yes my Incredible S is acting up.. a couple months after purchase my sound stared to stop working... a couple days before I got a message on the phone stating that the tunes manager or something had to force close... now the only time i can use anything with sound is when it's plugged in, it has to be restarted... sometimes after charging i can yank the battery out and the sound will work without being plugged in, but that's maybe 5% of the time...the vibrate has always worked tho... this all started happening when the 2.3 gingerbread upgrade came out. Personally I am just waiting for my upgrade in 4 months to get a new HTC.
  10. jamus

    jamus New Member

    I'm with Virigin Mobile,, they told me to call HTC, HTC told me to call Futuretel... Futuretel is long distance and they have yet to answer their phone.
  11. RubyDoo

    RubyDoo New Member

    My HTC Incredible S recently stopped producing sound. Rings/Messages/Youtube/Music ... nothing. Checked all my volumes but still nothing ... whats the common cure??
  12. jozerffer

    jozerffer New Member

    Anyone that have no sound problem, did you update your phone to software version 2.30.707.1?

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