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HTC IncS Update to ICS via HTCDev SiteSupport

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  1. seider7

    seider7 New Member

    I am using an incredible s on Virgin Mobile Canada. I am being told that this device is not being updated to Android 4.0. Instead, HTC told me to go to htcdev[dot]com/devcenter/downloads to download the operating system. I have a couple questions;

    1. What region do I use; TW, WWE, AU, TUR, SPA, HK CHT, CN CHS, etc. ?
    2. What description number; 4.08.1400.5, 4.14.980.2, 4.10.708.1, etc. ?

    And most importantly,

    3. How do I do install the new operating system on my phone?

    Would be a great help! Thanks! :D

  2. tpbklake

    tpbklake Well-Known Member

    You were given some bad information. The HTCDEV.com site does not have the actual RUU updates available for downloading. The site you were directed to is for the kernel source code which is not wha you need.
  3. seider7

    seider7 New Member

    The HTCDev site does indeed provide RUU updates for download as I have seen it myself. The issue is that they do not have the RUU for the Incredible S, only devices such as the Desire S, Rhyme, and EVO 4G+.

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