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  1. happyintime

    happyintime New Member

    I just got my HTC Inspire a few weeks ago and so far it has done this twice: I go to check my phone and the screen is black as if the phone is off. I go to turn it on, but nothing happens. I go plug it in and try to turn it on again, but nothing happens. I've taken off the battery cover and attemped to take the battery out, but it seems stuck or something? The first time this happened it came back to life in about an hour. However, this time it has been like this since last night. It was plugged in all night so it couldn't be dead. Any suggestions of what to do??

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  2. DaFrigN

    DaFrigN New Member

    Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone! I registered here just to reply to this thread!
    The same thing just happened to my 1 week old HTC Inspire 4G! I'm debating on taking it back and getting an iPhone. I'm worried though, because I have personal info like passwords and stuff saved on the internal memory of this phone already (data on the MicroSD but is easy enough to handle but not so with the internal memory).

  3. DaFrigN

    DaFrigN New Member

    OK, got it working again by pulling the battery and reinserting it and it rebooted fine. Still why would it do that? I put it down for a few minutes with about an 80% charged battery and it goes completely dead and won't charge or boot? And after the pull/fix it boots back up and still has 80% battery!?!?!?
  4. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    Not sure where you got the phone but you might want to consider returning it (if from att you got 30 days) another option would be to try a hard reset. I hate suggesting that as I hate doing hard resets. If you choose this backup your contacts, i always remove the sd card just in case. And I sync my current app list with appbrain so i know what apps I had.
  5. cinder70

    cinder70 New Member

    I had the same thing happen to mine today as well on an almost full charge. I had to take the battery out and wait a few minutes before putting it all back together. I was debating taking it back to best buy as I just bought it on Saturday! Thanks for the info.
  6. happyintime

    happyintime New Member

    thanks for all the helpful information everyone. and im glad im not the only one out there with this issue...

    my phone just "died" on me again (ugh!!). im trying to take out the battery so i can reboot my phone, but it wont come out...did anyone else have this issue??
  7. sirscott

    sirscott New Member

    I have had nothing but major trouble with my Inspire I got from best buy. I have not attempted to root it or any kind of mod. It has done this "lock up" , 5 times and the last time I took it back to best buy they did a system restore and that wiped out my SD card. then It redownloaded all the apps and used all the data from my plan to do that. they did at least give me a new card and ATT fixed my plan so i wont go over. but these lock up's have had me going in 5 times, and many hours of trying different things including using only non 3rd party screen savers, then just plain wall paper, and they installed appkiller, and a few other things. needless to say I took it in for a replacement..sadly im past changing out so i now get a remanufactured. I feel your pain.

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