Support HTC Legend Contacts / People Issue. Please Help.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by FourForty, Jul 5, 2010.

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    Jul 5, 2010
    Hello, Just got the HTC Legend. First Android/Smartphone.

    After setting it up and getting some basic apps, getting e-mail set up and all that fun stuff i realized something.

    It added every single email address from my gmail account. I mean everything. Customer support, random craigslist replies/addresses, everything.

    When i open "Messages" and click "New Message" then search the list, every single e-mail that i've ever had contact with shows up.

    I just want the people i've added to my 'people' page / contact list. not every single one of the hundreds of people i've had correspondences with over the past five years.

    When i go into "people" via the "all programs" pane, only the contacts i've added today show up. How do i get that to happen on the messages? How do i remove all of these e-mail addresses? And what specifically linked them?

    I found in search people that if i go into 'people' / Settings / View, then i checked the 'only contacts with phone numbers'.
    I also unchecked 'show auto gmail contacts.

    This doesn't work. I went back to "new message" and the list remains. Tried restarting the phone. Still remains.

    basically sim/phone are the only ones i want/have checked.

    Thanks to anybody willing to help, i'd greatly appreciate it as this is a huge pain in the butt.



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