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HTC M8 Camera Discussion-Show off your pictures!Support

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  1. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Actually, this picture illustrates the problem with HDR the review sites were talking about. From the AnandTech review:
    If you look in the upper right-hand corner of the picture, the clouds are over-exposed to the point of being washed out. Hopefully a software update will be able to solve the problem.

  2. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    Now we're talking. Another photo from the new camera, let's see some more photos!! :D
  3. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

    Thanks for adding the picture! We need more from other users though...HDR, pano, macro shots, auto, low light...etc
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  4. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    Looks washed out and the image is very soft, reminds me a little of the HDR mode on the Moto G.

    Thanks for posting the pic. :)
  5. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I agree...looks like moto G to some extant. Shame...the phone is super besides the camera
  6. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

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  7. swerver32

    swerver32 Well-Known Member

    Well to be fair, there was no sunlight so it shouldn't look bright. I see pictures on pages touting great iphone pictures that look pretty similar, like this windmill photo.

    How To Take Stunning HDR Photos With Your iPhone

    Notice the washed out look of the foreground, and the loss of detail in the brightest part of the clouds.
  8. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    The HDR images looks fine, it's hard to judge overall quality from such a small image anyway.

    The shot I think you referring to wasn't using HDR, also bear in mind the quality of HDR image varies allot depending on the device used. When was this posted? what iPhone was he using for these shots? I can't see a date.
  9. swerver32

    swerver32 Well-Known Member

    The difference between the s4 being first and the one being last comes down to the detail test. Remove that score and the one is at or near the top. Personally I don't often zoom in on pictures so at least for me, the low score on that one aspect of photos is no big deal. Given everything else the one has going for it, if that's the worst nit then I am happy as can be. :smokingsomb:

    I see they also left the night score out of the final score, supposedly since that's not a common use case? What??? That's one of the most common picture taking problems, low light or night. People want to take these pictures, they are just usually unable to. The one scored near the top on that metric. They also left out video, where the one was also near the top. So there's some selective scoring going on here.
  10. swerver32

    swerver32 Well-Known Member

    I don't know, that's just the first thing that came up when I googled "great iphone hdr photos" or something like that.

    I'd post a brighter outdoor photo, but it's a rainy week in Seattle! Not much sun in the forecast either. Maybe by July I'll get a sunny photo. :D
  11. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    Based on the some of the screenshots it's either the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s.

    Well like it or not detail is pretty important in a photo, you can't just ignore it because it's inconvenient for the HTC One M8.

    Also they did low light and night tests, the HTC One M8 came last in the low light tests and it never came top in night or video either so if you included everything in the score it wouldn't have made much difference.

    I think it's fair to exclude night and video test, I generally don't take night shots and since we are looking mostly at stills the video shouldn't be included.
  12. whitehat

    whitehat Well-Known Member

    I am still trying to decide which new android phone to upgrade to. In searching for photos, I found this UK site with photos comparing the Lg G2 Pro, the HTC M8, The SGS 5, and the Xperia Z2.

    Speaking of the Xperia Z2, the site also claims it will be a VZW exclusive here in the states.

    Without lab printed (300dpi) copies of the photos I don't see any major differences between the 4 MP M8 and the 20MP Z2.
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  13. swerver32

    swerver32 Well-Known Member

    I can if it doesn't matter to me. Obviously "detail" is important to everyone, it's the degree that matters. The review cherry picks from the test results too. You did it too when you said performance at night isn't important to you. One could probably cherry pick the results and get any one of the cameras to come out at or near the top.

    I guess I'm saying I do think that you and I should cherry pick to find something that matches our particular desires, but the review shouldn't do that, just present the facts, don't tilt the table.
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  14. swerver32

    swerver32 Well-Known Member

  15. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    That site links to here and gives samples of the Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and Experia Z2. Here is one set of samples:
    Galaxy S5

    HTC One M8

    Experia Z2
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  16. swerver32

    swerver32 Well-Known Member

    I spoke too soon about the weather - sun came out. Here's a hdr of some awesome clouds floating by.


    Attached Files:

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  17. swerver32

    swerver32 Well-Known Member

    Macro [​IMG]
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  18. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I'm just not a big photo fan so all the haters can jump on these pics. To me they look just fine. The camera is not stopping me from owning this bad boy.
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  19. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

    I have a SLR for professional photos, I think this bad boy will do just fine for the majority of folks out there.
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  20. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    I'm hardly cherry picking, it was the ONLY camera comparison comparing a selection of smartphones cameras.

    Also I don't agree they are cherry picking either, like I said if they included scores for all areas it wouldn't have made any difference to the HTC One M8 being last in the comparison.

    Think about this, HTC sacrificed resolution for Ultrapixel technology which is meant to give large benefits in low light conditions yet it comes last in the low light test and equaled the performance of some devices in a the night test, all compared to devices from last year.

    Lets face it, they need to drop this Ultrapixel camera because it's not even good at what it's meant to excel at.

    I'm really liking the Z2 in the is comparison, some great shots there.

    The Galaxy S5 does a good job as-well though considering they are night shots.

    Notice the colours in some of the HTC images look a little off compared to the other two, I thought they fixed that.
  21. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Why are people who say the camera is underwhelming haters? And that if you want good photos get a professional camera?

    Its 2014, surely HTC can put a camera on here that is either just as good if not better then the $349 nexus 5, especially when they are charging $700 for the phone off contract.

    I'm neither a hater or a person who wants to carry a camera around, and I'm not scared to spend the money either, but I'm sorry, a 4MP main shooter on a flagship phone that gets outdone by phones from 2013 is a little ridiculous IMO! And yes I was one of the people who were 100% ready to buy the M8 off contract.
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  22. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    It seems the masses either hate the camera or they don't... just my take. It's entirely what floats ones boat. If you desire a phone with a stellar camera and the M8 is below the mark for you, it's just not the phone for you. It's as simple as that. If it reaches the mark that's ok, then perhaps it should be considered. It's a choice all consumers will make.

    And trust me, I understand how one might feel after waiting for the M8 only to find that it isn't what I wanted. It has to be a real let down. I would feel the same if the BT didn't work or something similar that's way important to me. Photos are not that important to me. I can't speak for others... it's their call. But for me the phone meets and exceeds my desires.
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  23. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    +1 Aside from the resolution issue, the HTC picture is very yellow (poor white balance) and lacks contrast compared to the S5 and Z2. I didn't mention this in my previous post because I'm tired of this:
  24. WifiMaxed

    WifiMaxed Well-Known Member

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  25. WifiMaxed

    WifiMaxed Well-Known Member

    I have not seen any photos posted yet from
    S5 or Z2 as they both have not been released yet.
    Could you post a link, as I am very curious.

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