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htc magic 32a engineering spl and radio woking links needed

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  1. mark rothshild

    mark rothshild New Member

    hello again!! :D guys i need your help concerning roms, i need a new radio 1.33.2010 to get the ginger yoshi rom to my htc magic which has

    sapphire 32a ship s-on h
    hboot 1.3.0010

    and can you guys also please tell me how to get the radio to my htc magic 32a aswell as working links!!

    aswell as engineering spl's (howto get them to work in the phone) plus real working links!! :eek:

    (and guys i am a nube at this stuff although i have an expereince in fixing semibricked magics) :D

    pleeeeeeeeese help guys!! i might donate!! :D

  2. SithLord2K

    SithLord2K Member

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