HTC Magic and Windows Vista/Windows 7Support

  1. thorsen

    thorsen New Member

    Hi I got a problem. I can't conect my HTC Magic phone to Windows Vista. Vista will not finde the phone so I can make a sync! pls help.

  2. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    While i haven't tested it with Vista yet, I _am_ running Windows 7. I noticed when I plug in the phone via USB I don't get an Autoplay window.

    After you connect it to the computer you have to pull down the notification window on your _phone_. You will see two notifications. One will say something like "Tap to mount SD Card". Use this one to transfer files to and from the SD Card.

    The second notificaton says something like "Tap to sync with windows". Tap this to sync all your info. I haven't tried this yet.

    NOTE: If you mount the SD Card in windows to transfer files, make sure you properly "eject" the card from the Windows system tray Safely Remove Hardware icon, otherwise the Magic gets all pissy. ;-)
  3. Lobo

    Lobo Well-Known Member

    Works fine when i do it on my vista.. i know that doesnt help you sorry
  4. enek

    enek Member

    Yes Vista works. I tried my Windows 7 and it didn't work either. I got the USB mount but no sync.

    You'll probably have to wait until Windows 7 is out of beta before there is a driver that supports it.

    Though I didn't try very hard to get it to work... because I use Google for everything. :)
  5. shayne

    shayne New Member

    I could not connect to Vista as well, but after restarting, the phone all of a sudden was recognized as a USB drive.... so maybe you just need to restart your computer.
  6. sitimber

    sitimber New Member

    hi all i do with windows 7 is go to device manager with phone attached and uninstall the mass storage device the search for new hardware and then it appears installed
  7. layne

    layne Member

    My phone was doing the same thing just now... wasnt coming up as anything in windows... therefore stumbled across this thread...just restarted the phone worked for me... that always the first thing to try... that and restart the computer.

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