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HTC Magic Bluetooth trouble!Support

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  1. svabas

    svabas New Member

    Hi Guys.
    I recently bought my HTC Magic, and yesterday i tried to hook it up via bluetooth with my Macbook, but it says paired but not connected, and it also says that is haven't any features to offer!?
    Am i doing something wrong or?

    Hope you can help!


  2. clubkid

    clubkid Member

    It turns out the HTC Magic doesn't include any other bluetooth profiles than the one for headsets (which the Macbook doesn't include). The solution is to get the Bluex software for Android. Though my version of the Magic doesn't include anything but freeware in Market, so I have to look for it elsewhere.
    If somebody have it please write me, I would like to buy it.
  3. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    try the dev's website Xela AndroSoft
    or email at alex_entity@hotmail.es
  4. cdstewart

    cdstewart Well-Known Member

  5. cotoncandy

    cotoncandy New Member

    how can i install this file in my HTC magic device?

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