HTC magic boot loop rooted. Need desperately HELP!!!

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  1. Mixalis_GR

    Mixalis_GR Member

    Hi there. I would appreciate your help here. I am a rookie with android software as I own an HTC Magic almost 3 weeks from now. My phone has the above characteristics:
    HBOOT-1.76.0009 (SAPP10000)
    Dec 8 2009, 17:38:48
    The software I had was Android 1.5 and it was rooted with RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoD river ROM. I was watching on Youtube some videos about CyanogenMod 6 at HTC phones and I decided to try to put this software to my phone via ROM Manager. The result is a major disaster (or not?). Specifically, from my phone I opened ROM Manager, download rom, CyanogenMod nightlies , CM6 XXXXXXXX (can

  2. beaker59

    beaker59 Member

    I have the same problem as you do except my phone is a rogers(Canada) so it boots to the rogers screen. This happened about a month ago and I still haven't found a solution. One thing i have found is that if you hold the back botton just before it reboots you can get to the fastboot screen. I Dont no where to go from there. I Posted here last night no responses yet. If you come up with a solution PLEASE let me know.
  3. Mixalis_GR

    Mixalis_GR Member

    If you get into fastboot mode then you can plug your HTC Magic USB cable with PC and when you hear the connection mode go to device manager and see if your phone is recognized. If it is recognized then you can install from your PC any original ROM you want. That is what I want to do but unfortunatelly the back button doesn't work for me...
  4. beaker59

    beaker59 Member

    Sorry to hear that it wont go into fastboot. Your description of what happened to your phone is exactly the same as mine to a T. My phone is coming up as android 1 in devices and printers ADB interface-HTC bootloader in device manager. What next?
  5. Mixalis_GR

    Mixalis_GR Member

    You have to install the correct drivers of your device via AndroidSDK. Even though why don't you try in this situation to run directly from your PC your original Rom? e.g. My Original rom is: _HTC Magic_RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.3_release_signed_NoDriver.exe
    If you manage to do this and follow the installation directions i'm 100% sure you will install your original rom with success. I wish I could help you further...
  6. beaker59

    beaker59 Member

    Thank you for your help. At least Im getting closer. Do you no of a a site that will give me instructions on loading from my pc.
  7. Mixalis_GR

    Mixalis_GR Member

    You just need to sycronize your PC with your phone via USB cable and then find a apropriate ROM for your mobile, then double click it and follow the installation. Everything is going to be automaticaly set up. I wish I could do that for you and of course for me... and my bricked HTC.
  8. beaker59

    beaker59 Member

    PC doesn't see phone through sync and when i click on the ROM it fails" usb connection error"
  9. Mixalis_GR

    Mixalis_GR Member

    Did you installed the correct drivers of your mobile through device manager?
  10. beaker59

    beaker59 Member

    I haven't been able to yet. Windows says I have the best driver available.
  11. Mixalis_GR

    Mixalis_GR Member

    Try to import manually the drivers from: ...AndroidSDK\usb_driver
    I don't know what else to sudgest...
  12. Mixalis_GR

    Mixalis_GR Member

    Today I gave my Magic to HTC Service. It was confirmed that the electronic circuit was "dead" and it had to be replaced. If I'm lucky maybe I wont pay a dime. It depends if the software I had on was Android compadible or not. If not then... better not think about it!
  13. gabriela2400

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  14. sanjaipm

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  15. PresNight

    PresNight New Member

    Found a nice easy fix for this problem after driving myself nuts for four hours.

    Pop off the back.

    Pull out the battery and SD card.

    Put the battery back in and it should reboot nice and clean. Might be a hair slower than usual but it'll get there.

    Once you're all booted slide the SD card back in, slap the back back on and you should be good to go.

    Only thing I had to do after that was reset the clock on the phone.

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