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  1. tyorke1

    tyorke1 New Member

    hello, I am getting a new phone, how do you save all the info then transfer to a new phone, thanks TIM

  2. kickthem

    kickthem New Member

    If you're talking about transferring data from one brand to another... sorry... i believe there isn't a way... maybe i'm wrong, for example, switching from nokia to HTC MAGIC... maybe the contacts u had in the SIM card and some SMS, but apart from that... u have to do it by hand...

    Hope someone else can come up with a solution mate,
    Good Luck ;)
  3. sandhya mittal

    sandhya mittal New Member

    hi i m using htc and want all my contacts and information to be syncronized.earlier i was using blackberry and syncronized all my contacts to my i want all those contacts back in my htc please help me.
  4. IvarKalle

    IvarKalle New Member

    Moving from BlackBerry to Android is an easy process, too.
    1. Open Google Sync on your BlackBerry.
    2. Choose “Sync Now” to make sure the most current contact information is added to your Google account.
    3. Open the “Accounts & Sync” app on your Android phone from the gear icon.
    4. Touch “Google.” Touch to add a checkmark to “Sync Contacts.”
    5. Touch “Sync Now” to sync.
    6. Open your contacts app. Touch the arrow next to “Phonebook” to open the drop down menu. Make sure “Google” is checked. You will now see all your synced contacts.
    Or check this: How to Transfer Contacts and SMS from BlackBerry to iPhone
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