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HTC Magic text display problems

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  1. josh_a_lim

    josh_a_lim New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 26, 2010
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    Hello there I have a problem regarding the new HTC Magic I purchased : in my text display where I read the conversations between me and my contacts... it has all of the messages I sent in 1 group together, and all of the messages my contacts have sent together. How do I change this to display the order in which they were sent and received? For example right now it is

    ME : blahblahblah
    ME : blahblahblah
    ME : blahblahblah

    You : blahblahblah
    You : blahblahblah
    You : blahblahblah

    I'm starting to find this a little annoying and any suggestions would be very helpful

    HTC customer Care replied to my query earlier and told me that i should upgrade my firmware and gave me a link but the problem is that they gave me a link download intended for Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam only and the Philippines has a different link download but I checked the firmware version for Philippines and its the same with my magic's current version; and besides my cousin has same phone bought the at the same store and at the same time and we have the same firmware version also but she has no problems with her text display, hope someone can advice me since HTC has no reply to me yet when I told them that they sent me a link download from other country,


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