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HTC Magic /w Flash player and android 2.0Support

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  1. jtgrime

    jtgrime New Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 13, 2009
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    Ok there is probably a post on this mater perhaps many posts but im new here and in a bit of a rush and i wont get chanse to sit down and read through the post for like another week so i was just wondering when or if we are getting the Flash player and android 2.0 (im on voda so its the 192mb ram i think summat like that)

    and is there any cool games out for it like i seen the iphone has like a skateboarding game that looks cool and like a jet fighter one. i want things like this on my phone :( and my GF has one to so i want cool games we can play against each other.

    also the scrabble game on the iphone looks nice hmm think i should have waited and got the iphone through voda..


    no i do love my phone but im just a little annoyed that newer phones are getting a greater level of use and interactivity and im not... wha dont i matter any more because i bought my phone early ?



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