HTC Mail bug: mailto body is truncated

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    so far I have not found any post or other hint on the internet as to why the HTC Mail app (pre-installed on Android-based devices such as HTC Wildfire or Desire) cannot handle mailto: links with URL-encoded characters in its body correctly.

    The link should resolve to the following in any mail client (and it does in all others except HTC Mail):
    Subject: mailtotest
    Content: new link is
    In HTC Mail, what I get is this:
    Subject: mailtotest
    Content: new link is
    And even worse, content following line breaks correctly encoded with %0D%0A (or any one of these two characters) is also completely ignored/cut off. This way, I don't stand any chance of letting users sending meaningful mailswith hyperlinks from within web pages using the standard mail app installed on HTC devices (which most HTC/Android will be using, I guess).
    I personally use K-9 Mail which - like Google Mail - works as expected with such mailto links.

    Any idea/hint or help is appreciated greatly!

    TIA, regards,


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