HTC Mail Problem with IMAP SeverSupport

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  1. eryk4381

    eryk4381 New Member

    I have a similiar problem as well. I have the ARIA and its awesome!! it worked fine and I synced my yahoo account and Hotmail account with the HTC mail app and all was well and then it wasn't. All of a sudden it wont sync my mail anymore. I will switch between email account and it will say NO MAIL. It kept giving me errors about the outgoing mail server settings being wrong but I never touched them. I cant view my mail at all!!!!!! I can go to the gmail app and there they are but what the hell?????????????????? Anyone have a fix?

  2. ls377

    ls377 Active Member

    Yahoo Mail doesn't work in the stock app unless you pay for it. I'd use a market mail app like K-9 or Maildroid.

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