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  1. jhonjhonjhon

    jhonjhonjhon New Member

    How do i upload pix from my HTC Merge to my desktop?:cool:

  2. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

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    You should be able to hook it up to the CPU via USB and put it in mass storage mode then access the SD card and copy/cut/paste pics. You can also look into dropbox or another cloud storage solution and upload them from your phone to the cloud then download them onto any device of your choosing. The last option I know of would be getting a wifi file explorer and using it to transfer things from the SD to your CPU.

    I personally like the 3rd option and use
  3. korrdite

    korrdite Member

    also if it is of any count now, you can also setup HTC Sync, and it has a simple interface to sync files between your device and computer.

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