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HTC Merge (rooted)

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  1. letsfly

    letsfly New Member

    I have a S-OFF merge with a custom rom, ver 2.2

    htc-kernel@and18-2 #1
    Fri Sep 10 2010

    I rooted it and put on a custom ROM off the net quite a while ago i forgot the procedures etc.

    My question is, i want to go back to factory ROM (gingerbread 2.3) is there anything that may brick my phone if i attempt to download the ROM from HTC website and go thru the process of trying to install the factory ROM?

    If i recall i may have tried to install the factory once before and it failed, what would the procedure be for getting my phone back to factory ROM so it will update to 2.3?

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi letsfly, and welcome to AF :)

    If the motivation is to get 2.3, my first thought is to ask whether there is a 2.3 custom ROM for the Merge? If so you could install that without having to unroot.

    Otherwise, in general you can return HTC phones to stock using a "ROM Update Utility", which is how you install the factory ROM. Download the RUU, which is a windows executable, to a PC. Boot the phone into fastboot mode (boot while pressing the "back" button down), connect to the PC via usb, run the RUU .exe and do what it says. It should work if the only changes you've made are to root or load a custom ROM.

    The catch: I don't know whether people do this with the Merge, but on my phone (Desire) some people (myself included) use a custom HBOOT to change the internal storage partitions (shrink the system partition, giving mor space for user apps and data). If you've done something like this (and since you are S-Off that might be possible) then you'd need to undo it before running the RUU, or else the phone will not boot afterwards (as the /system partition may be too small for the HTC ROM).

    Since a RUU is a ROM Upgrade Utility, it will not run if the hboot you have is newer than the one contained in the RUU package. Unfortunately I don't know the Merge at all, so can't help with finding an appropriate RUU. I also don't know anything about how a Merge gains S-Off, so don't know whether this affects anything in this process.

    Final note: running an RUU wipes the phone, so back up anything important before doing this. And remember that after running it you will not be rooted, so won't be able to restore a Titanium backup unless you can root it again afterwards.

    Hope something here helps.
  3. letsfly

    letsfly New Member

    Hi Hadron

    Thanks for the reply. I will go the route of seeing if there is a custom ROM for the merge, the limited search i did do, i found the original ROM that i had installed

    I think i will gather my thoughts and do some surfing and re-learn all this stuff from the beginning again.

    If i remember, back then i did install a custmom rom for the Desire which is Merge's "brother" just without the slide-out QWERTY.
  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    how did you originally root the merge? if you used a methods that involved a downgrade and gfree,then you should be radio s-off and supercid.

    if thats the case,feel free to run any GB ruu that you wish. sometimes apns need to be reentered after running a different carriers ruu to make data and mms work again.

    you can always install amon recovery as a PD42IMG and then flash superuser to reroot :)

    holler if you have more questions :)
  5. letsfly

    letsfly New Member

    yes i remember doing s-off and supercid as part of the process

    Where is a good site to find some custom ROM's for the merge? i think the easiest for me would simply to update to a new updated ROM seeing how my current rom is probably outdated (and runs slow)
  6. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

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