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  1. zakatak306

    zakatak306 Member

    The HTC Merge is finally coming, but to Alltel. It is up for pre-order march 28th. It will be 125 after rebate, which id assume would be 100 dollars

  2. Kori_Tamashii

    Kori_Tamashii Well-Known Member

  3. zakatak306

    zakatak306 Member when you get there enter a zip code that alltel currently provides service for, if alltel is not in your area use the zip code 44870. It'll be on the front page of the screen. It is going to be 125 after a 50 dollar rebate from what I have been told
  4. Kori_Tamashii

    Kori_Tamashii Well-Known Member

    Where I live, Verizon has consumed Alltel. No service in my area. :(

    I REALLY want this phone. D:

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