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  1. Oc1paddler

    Oc1paddler Member

    Took my cover off to check, and it does appear that I have those gaps - small ones on the top and bottom of the phone. They are literally the thickness of a piece of paper, as some have described, and I never would have noticed them if not for this forum. I don't seem to have any jagged edges as described in the video - thankfully. Guess I'm just not concerned about it. The phone is encased in a cover to protect it, so I don't see the gaps causing any problems that are worth trying to get and set up a replacement phone.

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  2. aachterhof

    aachterhof Active Member

    Just got mine yesterday and didn't notice the gap until the video. I don't think I care, the phone works flawlessly. That's what I care about
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  3. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    Mine looked perfect but my wife's had a small gap on the bottom, not as bad as some I have seen now but she definitely had a gap on hers. Didn't bother her though so she is fine with keeping it.

    Mine is perfect so I cannot complain.
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  4. ttusomeone

    ttusomeone Active Member

    I email HTC Support about this just to see what they would say and here is the response I got. "we understand your concern, but at this moment there is no official statement on this matter. As soon as we determine this, we shall issue a resolution for it. Please stay tuned for further news regarding this problem."

    Sounds to me like they know there's a problem and they are going to address it somehow.
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  5. miniSQ

    miniSQ Well-Known Member

    i got to see and touch one today at a Radio Shack ATT store. I did not see any gaps on it, or any of the serrated edges shown in the video. I did notice, and maybe its by design, but the white center piece seemed to be slightly smaller than the aluminum shell. Almost like an ice cream sandwich..i expected it to be flush.

    But overall the phone is very cool looking and feels great in the hand. Can't wait to buy my Verizon version...if only it was that easy.:p
  6. ttusomeone

    ttusomeone Active Member

    Yeah it seems to be a small number of devices that have the gaps, but it's a big enough number that HTC is investigating and preparing to issue a statement. They keep telling me to watch their website and their forums for an update. Like I said before mine isn't bad enough to take back to AT&T but at the same time it's an expensive device so if they are going to do something to address it, I'll take them up on it.
  7. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    Expensive ? my was $199 - 90 (free media link) - 100 (Tradeup program) = $9. Seems like a pretty good deal to me :)

    O and my phone doesn't have any gaps or problems so far (knock on wood).
  8. ttusomeone

    ttusomeone Active Member

    Nice job.
  9. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    While it was nice to get the media link unless you sold it for 90 bucks you still paid for it. Also the price you are talking about it being subsidized so you are still paying more than that. The device is actually $575, so if you break it and don't have insurance that is what it will cost plus tax for another one.

    I honestly don't care if I am spending $30 or $1000 I want my purchases to be as close to perfect as I want them to be. I can live with certain imperfections others cant.

    Heck even if I got the phone free on contract I would want it to look perfect.

    Still while like you said you got the device pretty cheap it still is an expensive purchase especially since you are locked in for the next two years now.
  10. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    So far no problems with my phone. And yes I insured the phone. As far as the contract I have 5 lines and joined AT&T in 2007. Not really looking at going anywhere else anytime soon, espically considering they have full 4G LTE here.
  11. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    Same here, I have no jagged edges and my phone is all good for me. The spacing at the top and bottom I would not have notice until I came here but it's so small I see no reason to fuss about it. My phone looks great and is functioning just fine.
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  12. patch321

    patch321 Well-Known Member

    I was hoping to get a black htc one. I have had a black iPhone 5 and had HUGE problems with keys and coins in my pocket chipping off the black paint on the aluminum. Is this a problem on the one?
  13. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

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  14. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    My black One has a screen lift and separation near the volume buttons. No coloring issues.

    The black One is not painted, rather, I suspect the main aluminum body has received an electrochemical surface treatment as used on prior HTC devices like the Evo 4G LTE (One-X) and HTC One-S. See this post for further information on this process: | HTC One - Release Date thread - Post # 119
    This surface is very hard and does not scratch very easily in normal situations like riding in pockets or purses.

    My black One's main body looks and feels nearly identical to my black Evo 4G LTE's main body. Helping to further support my theory.

    It sounds like the problem is not the device, manufacturer, paint, or other coloring processes, rather how you carry your phone. Dropping the phone will mar the black surface (my Evo 4G LTE has one knick on the side from a drop), and carrying the device in a pocket with coins and keys will likely not immediately hurt the main body surface, but over time could cause issues on the edges of the device. It is not recommended that you carry this device in a pocket with loose coins or keys.
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  15. ironman187

    ironman187 Well-Known Member

    Mine has a .0055 gap by the charge port and the plastic appears to be warped outwards. I e-mailed HTC about this and received this reply.

    "Dear Jesse Anderson,

    Thank you for contacting HTC Technical Support in regards to the issue you are having with your device.

    Jesse, I would like to apologize for this inconvenience you are going through with your order and that this will not detract from your overall use and enjoyment of the phone. Our goal is to provide you with top of the line devices as well as a spectacular HTC experience.

    In regards to the
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  16. patch321

    patch321 Well-Known Member

    very helpful. thank you.
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  17. batvette

    batvette Well-Known Member

    So what do you think HTC will do with the defective phones?
  18. PilotBob

    PilotBob Well-Known Member

    I think eventually they will sell them as refurbs.

  19. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    How are they defective?
  20. PilotBob

    PilotBob Well-Known Member

    I assume he means phones people are returning because there are some small gaps around the border or the screen alignment with the case isn't perfect.

  21. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    That's not defective. the devices look great and work flawlessly. Ppl will find anything they can to complain about.
  22. ironman187

    ironman187 Well-Known Member

    Yes, yes they are. Fit and finish is not up to snuff, would you buy a brand new car where the doors didn't line up? Or would you call it defective? I would call it defective and look for a car where the doors did line up I.E Missing the cosmetic defect.
  23. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    You're comparing a car where doors don't line up to a '.0055' gap on your One? If you handed that phone to 100 ppl , 99 would say, wow what a beautiful phone. Not..what's this thinner than loose leaf paper space right here.
  24. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I think that we're starting to get a little hypothetical up in here. Hypotheticals never really get anywhere.

    How about this then?

    Nothing physical can ever be perfect but some manufacturing defects go too far and consumer protections exist for those cases.

    That seems fair enough, yeah?
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  25. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    very hypothetical. if this is an issue for concern..its safe to say that i've never owned one single phone that was "up to snuff" in the fit and finish department.

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